Birthday fun with lanterns

November 3, 2010 - Castries, Saint Lucia

Sandra and Chris’ son Harry turned 9 while in St Lucia and we were fortunate enough to be invited along with them to Sam and Rachel’s great house perched on the top of Marigot Bay for his birthday celebration.  The highlight of the evening other than the great company was these great lanterns they lit and the glided off over the bay.  The idea is to send them off with a birthday wish. 




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November 10, 2010
Just back from Perthto a huge pile of e-mails. The hurricane sounded very scary but I remember Ian and the boys demanding I drive them down to the wharf in a cyclone. Sheets of corregated iron were blowing down the street like rumpled paper. They loved it. Wanted to try surfing across the harbour.
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