All's Quiet on the St Lucia front

November 8, 2010 - Castries, Saint Lucia

All’s Quiet on the St Lucia Front

It's been quiet the past few days We haven't really been motivated to move on.  St Lucia and Mango Beach Inn specifically is just so darn comfortable thanks to Judith and Marie!  We’ve been to the pool, beach, pool beach lather and repeat..  We've all read a ton of hours and are missing our friends Sandra and Chris.  They must be safely back in Poole by now.

Progress has been made however to leave this idyllic place as we have hired a Moorings 35 ft yacht starting tomorrow and we're heading to the Rodney Bay, St Lucia and then across to Martinique to spend some time with the French for the next 7 days.

Below are a few pictures of the past couple of days.  Monkey Scott, a pool BBQ thanks to (Sandra and Chris), sailing the Hobie’s in Marigot Bay.



What a monkey!
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