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June 10, 2014 - Greve in Chianti, Italy


We love the Chianti region and tend to drive around, looking Cappella di Vitaletafor little undiscovered corners and, of course, great food and wine.  However, one day we ventured to the Val D'orcia area near Sienna searching for a certain little church sitting between two cypresses that has become a sought after photo. We found the "Cappella" but it was quite a distance from the road and appeared to be sitting in the middle of a field with no roads leading to it.


Cappella di VitaletaWe were determined to find a way to get closer. We had a standoff as to which direction to drive to find the road (and Brigit was useless there...) ... Luigi won and lo, and behold we were able to find the small trail leading to a field leading to the lonely little church in the middle of the Val D'orcia. We managed a few photos before it was time to drive the two hours back to the Agriturismo for a very late supper.

Saturday was the local market day in the main piazza in Greve. The piazza is full of travelling caravans where you can stock up on vegetables, underwear, footwear and garden seeds. Luigi stocked up on Italian garden seeds and porchetta (spiced and (very) salted roasted pork) for supper. We noticed a poster at the local Officio Turistico (Tourist Information office) in Greve advertising a wine festival at the nearby small medieval castle town of Montefioralle.  We learned or I should say, my Italian "guide" learned that there was a bus that would leave from a certain bus stop in Greve and take us up the long winding road to Montefioralle. We found a bus stop but had no idea if it was the right one so we sat on the bench and asked every person that appeared if they were headed to the wine festival. The boy in a baseball uniform certainly wasn't, although his mom did not speak either Italian or English, the two girls from America were trying to find a bus to a nearby winery and other tourists were going to Florence. We sat and sweated it out (it was extremely hot) and waited. Our "carriage" arrived and we spent the afternoon tasting wine and chatting with a number of local and not so local vineyard owners. Wine tasting in VolpaiaWe met people from Florida, New Zealand, Canada, and various parts of the Chianti region. Luigi was able to brush up on his Italian while I brushed up on my pretending to understand every Italian word spoken. Luckily for me, we find that more and more Italians are learning English (at a MUCH faster rate than I am learning Italian!)

Besides our daily drives around the Chianti region, we also spent a few hours "trying" to work off the extra calories consumed by swimming at the pool at the Agriturismo. But, just when we thought we may be ahead of the calories war, Massimo and Eva would invite us for one of their typical Tuscan style suppers. We loved them.  But after courses consisting of an appetizer, a pasta, a meat dish and then a "dolci" or dessert, and many glasses of wine shared with the other "guests", I don't think our few laps of swimming helped at all.

Even though we love touring around the Chianti region, we do love arriving back "home" to our apartment at Poggio Asciutto in the evening, either cooking a simple meal for ourselves or joining Massimo and Eva for their Tuscan dinners and meeting guests from all over the world. We will never forget the crazy "Andrew" from Hong Kong, the four sixty-five-ish Harley Davidson motobikers or the friendly Marijn and Mark from Holland.

Now to pack our bags and head to another of our favourite towns - Orvieto, Umbria.


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Cappella di Vitaleta
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