Flying to Frankfurt, feeling like sardines

June 3, 2014 - Florence, Italy

So, here we are, heading back to Italy.

Last March we went to the British Virgin Island for a 10 days sail with our friends (Gerald and Rebecca, and Gerry and Joan).  We had no chance to keep our blog up to date.  We had a great time, snorkelling, sailing swimming with turtles and Sting rays, and, of course, trying various rum punches....

As we type on the way to Europe, we are somewhere over the ocean, sitting in very, very, we mean, extremely small seats ... an interesting experience ... We have now come to appreciate how canned sardines feel (assuming they feel anything!).  We have never flown on a Boeing 747-400 ...  We believe the economy seat engineers are getting close to outdoing themselves in "economizing" the space (that is, in how little space they leave between the seats).  While we have used our points for this flight (plus fees and taxes), we are not any better or worse than our fellow passengers that have actually fully paid for regular sardine can seats, so we should not complain.

We have been fed.  The  Lufthansa cabin attendant has just come around offering a glass of Brandy or Bailey.  Luigi wonders whether he could get another shot were him to tell them our son, David, is marrying a German lady ... lol ..

Our plans are to land in  Florence tomorrow (tonight?), spend one day there to get over any jet-lag, a chance for Nancy to freshen up her (three words of) Italian ( and then rent a car and head to Greve in Chianti.  We will be staying at Poggio Asciutto, visiting our old friends with lots of R&R.

This is Nancy typing now. It is 7:50 p.m. and the lights are being lowered in anticipation that everyone falls asleep and stays that way until breakfast. My cabin mate in front of me has penned me in like  a size 5 shoe on a wide foot. To type, my elbows graze the passenger behind me. All I can do now is attempt to sleep. More from Italy when we finally unfold ourselves.

Back to Luigi.  Incidentally, we are flying Lufthansa.  We have just realized that, since the flight was not full, they decided to pack everyone in the middle section of the plane.  The last section, about 10 rows, is totally empty and curtained off.  I do not think that decision was made to balance the plane.  The same result could have been achieved by positioning passengers around. I have flown enough to know and have experienced that!  I am inclined to think the decision may have been driven by an effort to ease the workload of flight attendants (less walking with trays on isles, etc...).  The flight attendant complement seems pretty full.  I do not mind being a "sardine" when there is no option, but stuffing everyone together for pure convenience is highly questionable.  Great customers service Lufthansa!  Hope we will get an email from the company asking about our experience...

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Shirley Savard:
June 4, 2014
Sounds like the fun has just begun! Lol
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