In Florence

June 3, 2014 - Florence, Italy

After unfolding ourselves from the Luftansa sardine can, we really enjoyed the "normal" seating arrangement on our flight from Frankfurt to Florence.


Florence is usually our first "stop" in Italy to deal with jet lag. The airport is small and not as hectic as airports in major cities.   The city, despite his very large contingent of tourists, is more "manageable" when one is suffering from jet-lag, compared, for instance, to Rome.

We arrived at around 5 p.m. Italy time.  The taxi ride took to the De Benci B&B in the historic centre was a good refresher of driving in Italy.  I would call the ride a "wild one", but Luigi, seeing the driver dodging pedestrians and bicyclists, and cars, through the narrow historic streets, was awe struck by what he called "driver skills".

We dropped our luggage in the room and began our familiar walk around historic Palazzo vecchio Florence. Even though we have walked through Piazza della Signoria many times in the past, we keep on being amazed by the Palazzo Vecchio. This 600-700 year old structure, rich of history and art, looks as it had been built yesterday, its sharp stone exterior standing out under the warm evening sun.

In the Santa Croce area, close to the De Benci B&B, we always look forward to our supper at our favourite "neighbourhood" Trattoria Baldovino. Sadly, the warm ambience and great Italian pasta restaurant had morphed into a Pizzeria!  Even in historic Florence, things just do not last forever. Sigh.

We are creatures of habit and tend to follow the same familiar paths when visiting but this time we broke through our tendencies and ventured into unfamiliar territory, discovering a great food market (one that our foodie friend Gerda found on her first few hours in Florence!). One vendor correctly surmised that once he gave us a sample of his tasty cheeses and salami we would not walk away empty handed. He was right. We left with enough prosciutto, olives, and fresh stracchino cheese to sustain us for a few days. I can now report that he was the only vendor that was happy with our visit to Florence. We escaped the city without buying anything that we could not consume. Our luggage is also happier for that.

Now on to pick up the rental car and observe  Luigi emulate the Florence taxi driver.  To Greve in Chianti and our "home in Chianti" Poggio Asciutto.


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