On the way to the Chianti region with Brigit

June 6, 2014 - Greve in Chianti, Italy

After staying in Florence, just enough to deal with the initial jet-lag, imagewe rented a car and headed out to Poggio Asciutto to relax and to fully adjust to the local lifestyle.  Usually, it is just Luigi and Nancy, but this time we had Brigit with us.  We had no idea she was going to be coming for the ride, and we definitely did not ask for her, but there she was.  She spoke with a slightly accented (British that is), sexy voice, not that pushy, but coming across as she meant business.  Brigit immediately started to tell us where we should be driving, where to turn and such, with enough lead time to allow us to position ourself in time for the turn ( i.e. moving between "lanes", the Italian non existing ones).  We were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves out of Florence in a very short time, the quickest we have ever done.  But Brigit was also temperamental, occasionally going into fits (usually making strange noises), and we had no idea what that meant and what she wanted us to do.image


We also faced the problem of trusty, old Martha.  We brought her with us all the way from Canada, counting on her reliable, silent company (a while back Luigi stuffed an old sock in her mouth, figuratively  speaking).  Martha is also somewhat "slow".  She simply could not "compete" with Brigit", so ended up in the glove-compartment.  By now you know (we hope!) that we are talking about the car GPS, the built-in a French car, a Renault, so we called her Brigit!  Martha is our aging Garmin.  Half-way to Poggio, we finally figured out what the "fits" meant (i.e. very, very rapid, loud beeping).  We quickly slowed down thinking the car was going to blow-up, or something very wrong was going to happen... It only meant we were approaching a fixed speed-photo radar at double the speed limit..!  Slowing down at the last minute, we saved ourselves a few dollars in fine... Thanks Brigit!

We arrived in Greve just in time to get a few groceries at the local Coop and vino sfuso (that is unbottled wine sold by volume, great wine, very inexpensive).  At 1 p.m. the whole town goes home for lunch and take the afternoon "siesta", so we did not have time to waste. image

On arriving at Poggio Asciutto we learned that Olivia had invited us to her 5th grade graduation function at her small school in Greve. It was not unlike a school function in Canada except for the fact it was all in Italian. We later joined Massimo and Eva and 6 other guests for a supper  of Panzanella (salad) appetizer, pasta with eggplant and tomato sauce as primo and peposo (stewed meat with peppercorns and red wine sauce) and for dolci, a tiramisu. Eva prepared the supper with a guest from Germany, Markus, who was taking a cooking lesson. At the table were also four "older" gentlemen from Sweden who arrived on their Harley Davidson motorcycles, a young couple from the Netherlands and Andrew and Fiona from Hong Kong. We learned that Andrew graduated from St. Michaels private school on Vancouver Island!  He was responsible for the massive soap suds fiasco in the Victoria Government fountain a "few" years back.  It is indeed a small world!


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