Buongiorno from Firenze!

April 27, 2008 - Firenze, Italia, Italy

Where do I start!? Firstly, I have to say...the flight from Calgary to Frankfurt, travelling in first class was a fantastic way to start our vacation. Luigi and I had our own "pod" where we could fully recline our chairs to convert them into a bed for a few hours sleep. We were served champagne and orange juice on takeoff and then had a choice of entrè from a menu. After getting a little lost in the Frankfurt airport (or as I would rather call it - directionally challenged) a few times, we finally did find our connecting flight to Florence.

Note to self - make sure medical insurance is covered before stepping into an Italian taxi ! We sped through the NARROW Florence streets while I prayed that I would live to see our Bed and Breakfast! Our taxi driver had his cell to his ear with his right hand, shifted gears by reaching over with the left hand AND also talking to Luigi with both hands!  (Luigi's comment: the driver knew how to drive..... Nancy is exagerating.....and this italian keyboard is funny......)

We DID arrive at the B&B which is in Oltrarno, not far from the famous Ponte Vecchio, the Pitti Palace (I am finding it difficult to concentrate here - Luigi is visiting with some other residents of the B&B - in very excited Italian!). Fighting off jet lag, we set out on foot to explore. I was in awe...within a few hours we saw a few hundred year old naked men (statues, that is), walked across the Ponte Vecchio, explored a church built in the year 1100 (give or take a few years), drank wine at a small trattoria (Luigi ate discusting tripe - who orders tripe in a restaurant??). Luigi's comment: la Trippa alla Fiorentina is a local delicacy!!!!!)

Exhausted from jet lag and overstimulated senses we went to bed at 11 p.m. only to wake up at 2 a.m. thanks to our internal time clock...another note to self - reset the internal time clock when travelling to another continent!

I am writing this in the afternoon of our very first full day in Florence....there is so much more to share...and pictures to download (once we find a computer that is not almost as old as the church we visited!)...I will let Luigi "drive" this thing now. Hang on....he drives like an Italian!

We'll post the pictures as soon as we find out how to get a driver (i.e. software) in this Window98 running archaelogical instrument (i.e. computer).

Nancy and Luigi 


In the taxi
Pecorino and Vin Santo as an appetizer!
The Duomo behind us
Il Duomo


April 27, 2008
You are too funny!! Glad to hear that those were statues you saw!!! Can't wait to hear more of your 'adventures'!

Leigha xo
Micheline Pelland:
April 27, 2008
Tripe???? I believe this is a delicacy only if you have been in the jungle for a few weeks and absolutely desperate to put something in your stomach. I have entered Luigi's name to be on the show "Survivor", he'll do great there!!!!!
Robin Francis:
April 28, 2008
Hey you guys,
We're so happy for you. I know you are both going to have such a wonderful time especially you Nancy. I understand this is your first trip to Europe.
We spoke about you last night with Hans and Marlise.
Have a Great Trip.
Robin/ Gerda
Lorella Balomben:
May 2, 2008
Hey Nancy and Luigi!!
:) It's sooo great reading your journal, sounds like you're having a wonderful time!
Hey Nancy...i'm with you on the Tripe girl!! yuck!!
Will keep checking in...have a wonderful Honeymoon!
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