July 3, 2011 - Stockholm, Sweden

 small frogs small frogs they look so funny small frogs small frogs they look so funny and the ears and the ears and their tail and the ears and the ears and their tail kaw ak ak ak kaw ak ak ak..

Got to Sweden and we were picked up at the airport by Patrik anmd Sandra.. We left the next day for Sandras family's country home 20 min outside of Stockholm. It was beautiful. The house was right on the lake so you could jump off of the dock after a sauna sesh and was surrounded by fields full of wildflowers. We decorated the midsummer pole and made so so so much food. We ate right next to the water sang swedish drinking songs (or tried to.. the americans and the austrian couldnt keep up so we just stared blankly) and drank swedish schnapps. I tried the bitter drops drink which was actually the most disgusting thing ive ever tried. EW. We took a nap on the dock for about an hour because of our food comas. When we woke up we played musical chairs (because why not) and then sang the small frogs song and danced and sang some more. Then we had dinner. Yeah our midsummer kind of centered around the food hhahahah. We headed back to stockholm the next day after we cleaned the house and ate brekky.

I wouldnt mind making midsummer an annual tradition. I might want to go back next year haha.

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July 4, 2011
Hi Laure!!!
Got your card from Stockholm - thank you! Everything sounds like fun, and now your're back in Spain. Can't wait to see you again and hear about all the adventures!
I love you!!!! Gramma
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