June 2, 2011 - Düsseldorf, Germany


So i left NYC late on may 31 it is now early on june 2nd and i still havent gotten to Croatia or seen Sarah. Didnt really sleep on the plane bc the chick next to me had to extend her limbs as far as they would go to take up as much room as possible. she also kept incessently tapping her tv screen, which didnt get her anywhere bc it wasnt a touch screen and the remote was under her arm. hahahaha.

So made it to Madrid and was very tired.. slept for about 2 hrs on top of my backpack before I could find my gate to transfer to Düsseldorf. My Spanish is.. hilarious. Everytime I went to ask a question Id keep switching/correcting myself from familiar to formal tense without really getting my point across.  Ill be better with more sleep im sure. But I understand a lot a lot more than i thought i would. Many people have responded in spanish (to my awfully constructed questions) and i didnt get lost! woot woot!

Now im in Düsseödorf and just woke up from a very uncomfortable but much needed nap on a metal bench waiting for sarah to arrive in 7 hours or so hahaha. I wasnt sure how sketchy it was going to be to sleep in the airport but once i tried to find a bench (so i didnt have to sleep on the marble floor) i found 15 or so other like minded souls so we had a little pow wow of sleeping. There were a couple business people and one family which I thought was interesting. I pulled my sarong over my head (incase i started to drool hahah) and passed out. Just in case I had hid my purse holding my phone money and passport underneath my shirt.

Alright.. Im going to go get food and read some more of Christopher Reichs "Rules of Betrayal".


(p.s. Al i think youve addicted me to this whole "blogging" thing)

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Suzanne Stimson:
June 3, 2011
Hey Laure! So far so good! This is fun!
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