Richards Bay, South Africa

April 11, 2010 - Richards Bay, South Africa

The opening night of Sailing Through Broadway on Thursday went off without a hitch.  We had one pause that was a little too long between numbers because the CD track was messed up, but besides that it was literally flawless.  Some of the numbers were performed with live music by our band on stage, but most were performed to tracks.  The guests loved it, obviously, and we couldn’t be happier about their reception.  We met some of the Forbidden Broadway cast after their show the next night and they told us they loved our show as well.  They came to the crew show the night before and cheered loudly from the front row.  Their show was, of course, amazing and hysterical!  I laughed all the way through it.  I’m so excited that they’re on until Cape Town.  They had a bit of trouble getting on the ship, though, because we were supposed to be sailing to Kenya, their embarkation port.  So there was some last minute confusion about getting them on board.  And the journey from Réunion to Richards Bay was a little bumpy to say the least.  In fact, this past Friday was the third worst day we’ve had on the ship, as far as choppy seas go, since we embarked in Rio.  So the Forbidden Broadway cast has had their share of problems on board the ship.

This is why we were excited to get to Richards Bay and go on our crew safari that the Human Resources Manager had put together for us.  We arrived at the port and were escorted to waiting coaches that took us on an hour and a half drive to a game reserve.  Apparently, in South Africa, all the dangerous animals are kept within fenced game reserves, whereas in Kenya and Tanzania they live out in the open with the human population.  The animals we saw include: warthogs, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, buffalo, gazelle, hyenas, and elephants.  It was incredible!  The elephant herd at the end was something that our driver told us he’d never seen in five years of working at the game reserve.  He said they rarely see more than a few of them at a time and never the whole herd at the river together.  It was so cool.  They were playing together and splashing in the water.  There were old elephants and babies.  Altogether there were probably about thirty elephants playing around the river.  It was the perfect note to end our crew safari to the game reserve on.  It was also a great way for all ten of the cast members to be together as all of us were in the same jeep.  We reboarded the coaches for the ship and sailed away with fond memories of Richards Bay.


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April 23, 2010
So the show went well. Great I am so glad you all enjoyed it. The safari and the animals must have been amazing to see. I can't imagine seeing things as closely as you guys are. Only on the wild kingdom or some of the other tv show have I gotten to experience animals at play in the real world.
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