Cornwall County

June 4, 2010 - Falmouth, United Kingdom

During my tour today, I visited a variety of sites all over the bright green English countryside that ranged from an ancient stone village to the sunny beaches of Penzance, England to a 13.5 ton mausoleum in the middle of a field.

The Chysauster Village is a far-less-complete example of prehistoric housing than the Skara Brae Village that I visited in Scotland, and much younger being populated from about 100 BC to 400 AD.  The stone rooms were overgrown with lovely green moss and grass, but eerily reminiscent of a time far in the past.  Their location atop a large hill provided a wonderful panorama of the surrounding countryside.

Our next stop at Lanyon Quoit provided another such eery experience.  The hard, stone burial chamber stood in stark contrast to the beautiful weather and humming field life felt all around.  After leaving Lanyon Quoit, we headed to the beach where we got a glimpse of the locals enjoying the bright sunshine.  In the middle of the bay, St. Michael's Mount was visible where Erich's tour was taking him.  During low tide, the island is reachable via a stone pathway, but during high tide, the walkway is submerged, rendering foot travellers stranded!

Our tour concluded in the charming seaside town of Falmouth where our ship was anchored.  The Captain's wife, Marianna, and I had a stroll down the town's main street before returning to the pier to get the extremely long line for tenders.  The ship was anchored quite far from the shore and we only had two tender running at the time, when finally, someone got the brilliant idea to use one of the other lifeboats as a tender.  Eventually everyone made it back to the ship just fine.  What an exciting, beautiful day!

PS - The fantastic band that we've had on with us since January is disembarking in Southampton.  We all celebrated with drinks in the crew bar the night before arriving in Cornwall.  I'll miss you guys!

Writing again soon, I promise!



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