Smash the Glass !

April 3, 2009 - Pokhara, Nepal

After every drink, smash the glass!

Perhaps we think we accumulate things, but that isn't true. Things are just passing-through. Nothing remains, except heaps of memories. And even those pass-away. Nothing remains.

At the end of ones' life, one can truly say: "It wasn't me!"


Previously, I wrote that "there is truth to be found in reality". Now, I will add in support of this point, that there is no way to force this truth, knowledge of it, any awareness or insight, out of reality. It remains a gift.

Neither is it possible to use this truth or any insight to change or alter reality into something it is not, whether more beautiful or less painful, or according to whatever wish or desire we might have. There is no instrument to avoid reality. Only acceptance and Love of reality, reconciliation and forgiveness can bring us there.

In Truth, there is only Love.

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