Pictures from Pokhara

November 5, 2008 - Pokhara, Nepal

Dear Friends,
Not always there is much to say.. yet I want to try and write a little more frequently. Here are some more pictures from beautiful Pokhara as well as from Kushinagar and Lumbini, which I received from Marijn, with whom I was travelling together from Dharamsala to Lumbini.

It is quite nice to be in Nepal for the first time and to notice how much more mellow it is compared to India. This is probably specially true for Lumbini and Pokhara , the only two places I have visited so far. Kathmandu is yet to come. Lumbini is the sleepy town at which' location the historical Buddha was born, some 2500 years ago. It was quite hot and around the actual location there is an enormous park being established with Buddhist temples from all over Asia. Many of them are still under construction. We rented bikes to cover the kilometers-long stretch and have been sweating considerably in the heat of the plains. Then my bike's tire blew up, luckily when we had almost returned home to the village.

Pokhara is absolutely beautiful, especially the lake and the views of the mountains when it is not cloudy. Crossed the lake in a rowing boat and climbed to the Peace pagoda. It looks quite like the one in Lumbini, except that it is much smaller. Then spent three days in the local Buddhist meditation centre to focus my mind a bit as there is ample distraction in the several roof-top, lake- and mountain-view restaurants and bars, socializing with the many tourists and having a frank beer, which is another obvious difference between Nepal and India (the beer here does not come wrapped in a newspaper, nor in a tea-cup). In one or two days I expect to move over to the more quiet little Begnas lake - which is likely more similar to how I imagined Pokhara before I actually saw it.

Love, Peace & Happiness (what else?),


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Reclining Buddha - Parinirvana Temple
Night train from Delhi to Gorakhpur
Kuan Yin, Lhin-Son temple, Kushinagar


November 5, 2008
Hoi Hans,
Leuk om weer wat van je te lezen en de foto's zijn weer adembenemend mooi!
Ik weet niet wat ik me voor moet stellen bij een biertje verpakt in een krant, wel leuk dat ieder land weer zo zijn eigen gebruiken heeft als het om eten en drinken gaat. Veel plezier en groeten van R.
November 6, 2008
hey hans!

thats cool that you are in pokhara, i really liked it, stayed there for 18 days or something, with my ex mostly, very mellow place! as for lumbini, have you tried staying at the korean monastery? its lovely there! its where i shaved my head, incidentally, on buddhas birthday, no less,and i didnt even stand out as all the nuns there had no hair either, ha ha. must run, much love,

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