Kathmandu !

November 18, 2008 - Kathmandu, Nepal

This is to let you all know that I've reached Kathmandu four days ago and I must say I am most impressed. This is again one of these places that make me feel grateful to be given the opportunity to experience it in this lifetime. I think the pictures speak almost for themselves.

The amount of temples and the old Newari architecture give the city an overwhelming character. The only place to avoid (imho) is the tourist district Thamel, which has nothing to do with either Kathmandu or Nepal; just a huge tourist hive - with loads of bars, restaurants and shops - that looks the same in any town. I chose to stay in an old somewhat rundown but character-rich hotel at Basantapur square, part of the Durbhar square area, just around the corner from what is still called "Freak street". This used to be the travellers street in the 60's and 70's, when it was full of hippies and freaks looking for enlightenment - or cheap hash, or both. There's not much left of it, but the few guesthouses and little restaurants still hanging-on amidst Nepalese businesses that are gradually taking the street back as well as that few stubborn travellers like me that prefer this above Thamel make it actually a very nice and mellow place.

By now I have moved to Bouddha-Natt - the BIG white stupa - as my last stopover on the way to Kopan monastery where I will engage in a one-month retreat. So, take care & see you again around Christmas!

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Hidden shrines
Basantapur square, hotel Sugat
Dhurbar square, temples
Dhurbar square, temples

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November 18, 2008
Het ga je goed Hans!
Ik geniet van je foto's en vraag me af hoeveel er -behalve Thamel en India - veranderd is sinds 1983, (Pokhara, Durbar square, de grote stupa in Kathmandu, is de Lunchbox er nog en kun je nog gefermenteerde gerstekorrels krijgen in plastic mok te drinken met heet water??)
Heb een goede maand!
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