Breathing the Stupa

March 27, 2009 - Kathmandu, Nepal

How can it be, that every morning the sun rises and sheds it warmth upon the earth and upon us; the earth is here again like before the sunset - and so are we - and yet we are not amazed and terrified?

Today I wish I was a photographer. After getting up a bit early and making my way towards the stupa. The little girl with a thin woolen hat sitting with her back against the wall by the side of the road, playing with the hair of an old, broken barbie-doll, which she is holding between her knees. Another girl, still younger, brushing her teeth with a grin and naughty eyes, hanging over the wall that fences off the grounds of her home. Schoolgirls and -boys in their neat little uniforms and schoolbooks under their arms - always touching me in a soft spot as they represent both a society that educates its youth as well as youth itself; just setting off on their journey through life.

And suddenly I am struck by all the sounds and smells and all of life around the stupa, making me realize that all of us touch and breath the same air and that same air trembles against my eardrums making me aware of life - their is not a single creature not breathing this air. Today I can hear the music of life. I am hearing it, touching it, smelling it.

I am breathing it.



Bouddha-Natt - Big Stupa
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