Amazon Jungle: Peru

July 3, 2009 - Lima, Peru

     So we just got back from the Amazon and it was amazing! We went on a couple hikes through the jungle, and went to the place that they filmed Motorcycle Diaries. We went on a midnight boat ride where they told us stories about how people have died in the Amazon, it was really scary. They told us this ledgend that if someone goes missing in the jungle and comes back fine, check their feet. If they have six toes on each foot it's not really them it's some kind of monster who has been recreated as your friend!! And our tour guide told us about people who have been killed by pumas, and anacondas, crazy stuff! We held monkeys, tucans, sloths, some even held an anaconda but I couldn't bring myself to!

     We also swam in the Amazon river with pink dolphins! It was incredible!! We tired this drug called Ayawasca that clears out your system and is supposed to be a very spiritual experience.





UD and AK:
July 3, 2009
Hey Nicole--

More unbelievable shots and stories--I see you have started your own river service. Nice going! Never thought someone could have so much fun with mud, insects and snakes--Aunt Katie would love it there! So here it is July already. We are counting the days till we see you. Travel safely.


UD and AK
July 4, 2009
sounds amazing, love the pictures they're beautiful. i'm sure you had an AMAZING time. i miss you and love you so much and absolutely cannot wait until you come home. savor every moment.

Aunt Beth & Uncle John:
July 5, 2009
Hi Nicole,
Who could possibly imagine a better adventure than this one?! You look wonderful, healthy & inspired.

I thought of you so much today with all the fireworks. Thinking of all the 4th's that we have celebrated together in GLP--especially with you in the parades with your decorated bikes & red, white & blue outfits. You are so beautiful & I can't wait to see you again & share more great times. The wedding will be a great start! Be safe.
Love You,
Aunt Beth
July 12, 2009
Nicole, I can't believe I've been missing this adventure you've been on. This is good stuff. Love you and see you in two weeks.
January 11, 2010
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