Videos » Video comes to blog by the Original Idiots abroad

Video comes to blog by the Original Idiots abroad

October 23, 2010 - Cusco, Peru

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Alan Bidgood:
October 24, 2010
Well done the wanderers- I have come up for air after spending several days trying to dispose of hundreds of sheets of paper - copies of all the letters that I ahve written on the computer for several years. I was told that there would be no need for paper copies - I am old fashioned and like to have copies in date order.... Never mind!
The latest video offering from the Southern Hemisphere is very good. I see that NFB can still mget his full English breakfast in far away places. Didn't see any laver or tomatoes although I used my magnifyig glass. By the way that Video was quite good - Nigels feet were perfect and so was that collection of blocks of stones - a cemetry I presume. As you "panned" it gave quite a good panoramic view - mountins and views that we cnnot get in this part of the UK. Keep up the Videoing - it is quite good even if Nikki is new to that speciality. I was quite surprised that it worked for me as I am such a duffer at the keyboard. To add a less cheerful note - I hope that the Cholera outbreak is nowhere near you two - It is not a nice thing to come into contact with. Those riot police looked quite menacing - I hope that there is no need for them to be on parade where you are wandeering around. Nigel said that you were about to move to the next target area after leaving Puno in Peru.
A small miracle - I have just managed to enlarge the print to 200 % which will save me using the magnifying glass - it is a great help with one eye not contributing (saw the Dorchester lady specialist 10 days ago - have done week one of a 8 week course of drops and ointment 4 times a day - what fun!)
+Watched Stoke -1 and Man U -2 on the Sky replay- had to rewind twice as I dropped off to sleep - that seems always to happen when a goal has been scored. I will close down now...
Saw Mum this morning she was with it and smiling and interested in my efforts to amuse her which was encouraging. Love you from us all Mum Dad and the tribe XXX
October 26, 2010
Hey Guys,

Cute vid. So serene and pretty. Shall we play 'name that birdsong' now?????

I couldn't get it to play the other day for some reason.......... I'm glad it finally rolled for me......well done EVERYONE ...including the Guinea Pig :)

Love Jan XXXXX

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