Videos » Original Idiots Abroad - Part II

Original Idiots Abroad - Part II

October 30, 2010 - Uyuni, Bolivia

Video comes to blog by the Original Idiots abroad »


Angela & Mark:
November 5, 2010
Loving all the seriously stunning pics and videos. Did I hear Nigel's stomach rumbling the latest video?!!
Take care
love from Angela & Mark xxx
Nikki & Nige:
November 5, 2010
You are right all that salt made me think of home and fish and chips!
November 5, 2010
Hey Guys,
Liked the Vid. The surreal domain obviously moved you. Lovely. The solitude must have been awesome.
We'll speak oh so soon :)
November 6, 2010
Hi Jan,
The geology and scale of everything in the Bolivian desert was indeed spectacular - some of my favourite places on the planet. Hope all well at home. Love and hugs xx
matthew Kennedy:
November 7, 2010
Noticed the car you trusted to take you into the Bolivian Desert was a Toyota !!! As for the clothes not much worth stealing there from what I can see in the Photos, even from the perspective of a poor country house maid !!!
Grand Prix in a few weeks ? N Try and keep up with N.
November 8, 2010
Grand Prix sounds fun lets see how the Toyota team does or if even finishes. As for the clothes obviously the poor quality of the photography!
matthew Kennedy:
November 9, 2010
wine review is based on 'bad after taste in the mouth' the morning after the night before ..... I assume.
Alan F.Bidgood:
November 12, 2010
Just had a second video show - hot springs and birds on the sea shore and a couple of bushy tailed foxes keeping their distances from the camera. All very interesting - I suppose that the hot springs generated a lot of hot air although normal dress seemed to be worn.
Enough after 45 minutes of browsing....Love Dad XXX
Alan F.Bidgood:
December 2, 2010
Just had a second scan of the several video "runs".
I suppose that if you had been able to carry a heavy duty tripod it wouild have eliminated some of the camera shake which is magnified especially when panning over a sea-scape or the craters of the moon or where-ever. The flamingoes (or storks) and wolves etc are all there to be seen. The Land Rover - I suppose is Left Hand Drive or they are driving on our side of the road in the localities that you have explored?
Love DadXXX Wednesday 23.30 hrs off to bed!
December 2, 2010
Hello Darlings! Writing from the place where the white stuff is! Gorgeous and a lovely surprise when I awoke.

Enjoy the wonderful warmth and wonder where you are. Loved the street art in BA. Looking forward to seeing you very soon. Ever closer it seems. Safe XXXXX

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