Hervey Bay/Fraser Island

March 24, 2010 - Fraser Island, Australia


Fraser Island is a national park and the largest all sand island in the world. There are a couple hotels on the island, one gas station, and one convenient store, but mainly it is just beach, jungle, and some dirt roads. One of the “must do” things for people traveling to East Coast is to visit Fraser Island, and I signed up to do a self-guided 3 day, 2 night tour. Basically they put us into a group of 8 people, loaned us a 4WD (4 wheel drive), and gave us an itinerary, and our group was set loose on the island for 3 days. There were also 2 other groups with us. We were pretty much separated during the day, but at night we would camp in the same place and socialize. My group was AWESOME!

There was:

1.) Gwen (a German girl who we called “ze Germ” or “ze German”)

2.) Carol (an Australian girl we called “OZ”)

3.) Rachel (a primary school teacher from England who was always on top of everything and took care of us, so we called her “Mum”)

4.) Luis (a guy from Puerto Rico who we called “Louie” or “Rico” who just finished med school and is about to start Residency in NYC)

5.) Dave (an electrician from England who we called “Chicken” because of his chicken legs or “Dad” because he did most of the driving)

6.) Robert (Dave’s brother, a carpenter from England who we called “Bert”)

7.) James (Dave and Bert’s friend, also some England, who didn’t really have a nickname)

8.) ME (who they normally called “St. Louie” or sometimes “Nik”)

Anyway, we arrived on the island on Monday. We took a short hike through the rainforest, played rugby on the beach, wadded through the crystal clear waters of Eli Creek, visited a shipwreck, and finally set up camp on the beach. We cooked dinner, socialized, and drank good old goon.

The next day we went to Indian’s Head, which gave an AMAZING view of the water. I didn’t want to leave. I think it was the prettiest thing I have seen in Australian so far. Then we were supposed to have an hour drive to get to Lake Wabby, but “Mum” misunderstood the map and we went on a 3-hour scenic route drive that was only for experienced 4 wheel drive drivers. We did eventually make it to Lake Wabby though, and after the long detour and the 45 minute walk to the lake, its cold green water was much appreciated. Around the lake were sand dunes too, which I walked around (but didn’t bring my camera for). Then we followed the itinerary and went to a lake campsite, but there were so many mosquitoes that we all decided to go back and camp on the beach again. We made pasta for dinner, played some drinking games, and then hung out on the beach. CRAZIEST thing happened. Ok, so there are wild dingoes all around Fraser Island. They are actually pretty used to people, and they sometimes get close, but we were told that they were still wild animals and something to be cautious of. Anyway, there were 3 of us laying on the tarp, looking for shooting stars outside of our tent. I was lying closest to the forest. We all dozed off for a little, and I was woken up by a dingo licking my hand. Seriously. It was crazy! It was so cute though. And I think I scared the poor guy because I sat straight up when I woke up, and he ran away. Haha, after that I decided to go inside my tent to sleep.

The last day we went to Lake Birrabeen, which was beautiful and relaxing. After that we went to Lake Mackenzie, which is one of the things Fraser Island is most famous for. Very pretty. Then we had to go to the ferry and return to Hervey Bay (the mainland city where most people got to Fraser Island from). Our whole group was in the same hostel room though, which was nice. We had all bonded, and I wasn’t quite ready for us all to go our separate ways. We made dinner together and tried to drink some more of our left over goon.

The next day Germ, OZ, Chicken, Bert, and James all headed south for Noosa. Me, Mum, and Luis are all heading north, but at different paces. Me and Mum have plans to meet back up and hang out in Cairns though. Anyway, great island, great group, great couple of days. I took an overnight Greyhound from Hervey Bay up to Airlie Beach (13 hours). In Airlie Beach now waiting to check in. Going on a Whitsundays sailing trip tomorrow, which is supposed to be great. We’ll see how it compares to Fraser Island!




Fraser Island group at Shipwreck
me at Lake Mackenzie on Fraser Island
lookout at Indian's Head
me on Indian's Head lookout
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