Bobby Lama makes it to Malappuram 01

December 28, 2008 - Bobby Lama In Perintalmanna, India

01 bob 002Now Bob has been  telling me that  he wants to work on a farm .. be like those workers he had seen on  our one day  boat trip ..Now well may be i  thought he can  have small taste of it when he comes home with me to Malappuram , Perintalmanna . It might not be just as the same but close i suppose  on the night of 24th dec we boarded the Amirtha Express heading to Shornur and from there take the Nilambur Road passenger to Angadipuuram .


DSC09803DSC09807DSC09806We reach Home on Christmas and after spending  some time with my folks and giving them the gifts he got for them  




01 bob 00401 bob 003we head to the  field .where my Uncle has a man cutting down weeds using a motorized blade . Bob and I  take walk around .. he all  prepared to start work .. he even got his own workers outfit !!!

01 bob 005


BOB now  changed in his workers outfit 

ALL ready to  start work .To be honest Bob if your reading this I really never thought that you  would be this serious about it  ...and i guess my uncle never really did too ..its not often people offer to help  like what you have offered !!..So  My Uncle goes to get some tools for Bob to start cutting and hacking down small weeds and branches

01 bob 006While waiting  we start goofing around .. ...Bob lLee  trying his karate kicks !!! 

01 bob 00801 bob 009He also  tries his luck at pulling water out  of a well near by .Finally my uncle shows up and shows bob how he wants it done .



01 bob 010


01 bob 01201 bob 013All set to  go  Bob?.... well  good luck bob and watch  where ya swing that sickle !..

The Devil(me) whispers to Bob" May be you can bring that (SMALL) tree down...and Bob goes chopping at it left and right ....

01 bob 014

01 bob 015


well  we did finally get the  tree down  and so  did the  sickle .. the handle broke off ..( ehem !!...) ..ah  well that was not the tool to bring down a tree !!!..NOW I tell him!!!! 

After a hard work like that  time for some FRESH TENDER COCONUTS straight from the tree.Soman My uncles hired help brings them down 

01 bob 016

01 bob 01701 bob 01801 bob 019


OH that  was good wasn't it !!!! can't get any fresher than this 



01 bob 02001 bob 02101 bob 022


Uncle showed us a forest hornets nest .He said the insects had all gone ..and as he spoke up and probed the thing with a stick ..look who  shows up .. we clear the  area fast !!!! 



01 bob 023

01 bob 024

01 bob 02601 bob 027After a nice lunch at my mom's and after some rest .. we head to my  mom's ansectral home ..My uncle has a job for us . Bob gets his  LUNGI ready !..and all set to  go ..!!!


we got so  carried away in cleaning it I  didnt get much pictures besides it was getting dark !

Thought we will  come back the next day :







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