December 9, 2008 - Nilambur For Eid, India

Image 002Image 007BFor this  Eid me and my family headed out to Nilambur These are a few shots from there , We were to  visit  my dad -in-laws friend who lived about 20 km  from the Nilambur city . We  had small trek  in the the  Nilambur forest off course father in laws friend was there to  guide us , To him it was like taking a stroll  through his back yard . Though his  back yard actually is Rubber tree plantations!!!!.


Image 003

I  don't know what  this  is looks like  a seed pod that i picked while walking around the  rubber estate.

Image 004

Image 005

Tapping of rubber trees, You can  see the  rubber tree milk flowing in to this container . This how they  extract the rubber tree milk.


Image 008

Image 010Image 009This machine is  used to  process the  Rubber milk in to sheets of Rubber , the trays hold the Rubber milk which i think are also  chemically treated.



Image 007


Image 007AImage 007CTurmeric !!...  pepper and some other vegetations all  home grown in their  own back yard 




Image 011A

After sometime out host took us to a path that lead to the forest behind his Image 013village ,The winding path  soon  lead to  an opening to the forest ...Even here you can  see the locals have set up a football field !!

Image 012


Image 014

Image 015

My father in laws leads the away 





Image 017Image 018Image 019Image 016Our trail behind, there is water hole made by the animals them selves



Image 021Image 022Image 023Image 024

The locals are used to the forest and know their way  around .Some foot prints made by  animals ...cattle ? or  other wild animals ?..A much  bigger water hole ...made by  animals 

Image 025Image 026


A small stream runs across , making a natural boundary between where the wild animals roam where humans dwell for  on the other side of this stream is  where according our host youcan see elephants if your lucky .


Image 027Image 028

The tyre treaded paths are are caused by  trucks used for transporting wood from the forest to the in land , across a wild flower .


Image 029


Image 030Natures work of art !!and the pic on the right is probably a hole made by a mangooese or even a snakes hole , what ever or whoever seems to be empty at the moment ...or is it really ?

Image 032Image 031Another wild flower ! was about lunch time and we head back to our host house , for a very simple but delicious food !!!!


AT ARIYAMPARA water falls !!

After lunch  yousuf our host was more than happy to take us over to  Ariyampara .where there are small water falls and rapids , a favourite place for local tourists like to spend time playing in the water or just spend time with family watching others play in the water .Image 033

Image 034Image 035Image 036

Amazing water rapids and beautiful place , must visit this place again .


Image 038Image 039Image 037On the way  back  ..a man made hut ...the  climb down was much easier and since the car wasn't pulling up  about 1km we had hired a rickshaw .. and then  on the way  back we walked down . WEll that was Nilambur even though there are other places where we still have to see ,this trip was a memorable one !... we had to  actually race down to kutiipuram Railway station to catch our train  back to trivandrum ... we made it in time ,inspite of even having to stop to change a flat tyre .....untill next time  - Asslamualaykum .!!!









Boat 137
Boat 031
Boat 032
Boat 036

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December 23, 2009
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