02Long awaited break :COONOOR

June 10, 2008 - Ooty, India

Ooty Trip-I 220-- ah  next day  !! ..  repacking .Ooty Trip-I 221-  my  hair oil freezez and solidifAh  next day  !! ..  repacking .. we are kinda late .. getting ready .. to catch the coonoor train to coonoor where we will  separate from our folks and trod on to  pondicherry .. my  hair oil freezez and solidifies !!!


Ooty Trip-I 222- call packed !!!Ooty Trip-I 223 - out side shot from our hotelAll packed !!! A shot from our hotel , "Times a wasting man  , lets get a move one" ...  we remind each other ...Brrrr.. the  cold water !!!!...



Ooty Trip-I 224- late...yes !!!  but not late forLate?...yes !!!  but not late for some poories and veg ..  nothing like a good breakfast to  get the cold  body going ...!!!All from the  hotel to the Station is all narrative .. coz  we ever really late !!! after have some warm good food in to our bodies .... well lets just say that the call of nature came a wee bit late for most of us !!!..



Coonoor 003-  so lets pick it up  from here .. as we were late its was all  rush and didnt get much  pictures of getting on the

So lets pick it up  from here .. as we were late its was all  rush and didnt get much  pictures of getting on the the toy train ... how ever...I did get shots.. 

Coonoor 004-- like i  said ..as mush  shots i  could capture ..even if it meant having to click some else taking shots !!.........as mush  shots i  could capture ..even if it meant having to click some else taking shots !!



Coonoor 007


and on the left  we have high range mountaining looking down to the valley  below on the right.... well  people  sitting on the  right are blocking my view . I  was kinda dis heartend at the fact i wasn't  getting much  shot of the valley below ... and can't complain it was crowed like the whole of tourists in Ooty were on this train  heading out to  Coonoor !!!!.


Coonoor 013- we stop for a break at a staionCoonoor 010- my  friens posesCoonoor 015- mechanisms of the toy train boogie .. each   carrgiage has its on break system manned  by each  person ..


we stop for a break at a station..Aji poses for the cam , i  take some shots of the mechanisms of this train ..its got a break that is  manually controlled by a conductor each??!!!


Coonoor 017-Read it

Coonoor 018-  after about 1 hr


After about an hour Coonoor ... almost like Ooty but not as cold .


Coonoor 019 crossing ...Coonoor 020-  this  train is from  mettuapalaym  all the way  to  ootyCoonoor 021-  traditional  ..steam  engine

Traditional  ..steam  engine, The nilagiri Passenger - i think its come from Mettupalayam .




Coonoor 022- folks deicde to  visit sims park ..  walking over to catch a busCoonoor 023-  coonoor town .. not much  different from  ooty .. though  much  warmer than  ooty

Folks deicde to  visit sims park ..  walking over to catch a bus.Coonoor town not much  different from  Ooty . 

Coonoor 024 on the  local  bus to  sims parkInside the bus to  Sims Park 


Coonoor 026 shots from the bus .. town  look



Coonoor 029 over the hill top and  ....Coonoor 031-...finally  arrive at the stop  at sims parkSHOTS FROM THE BUS :..An finally we arrive !!...and the  somethings instantly caught my atttentions 



Designer Mangoes !!& oh wait bob should see this ..American  sweet corn at Coonoor?

Coonoor 032 ist thing that  caught my eye ..  designed mangoes !Coonoor 033- bob should read this !!! American  sweet corn at Coonoor

Coonoor 034- a few steps over from the bus top and SIMS PARK !!.. just  botanical garden with  a  pond ..a few steps over from the bus top and SIMS PARK !!.. just  botanical garden with  a  pond ...





Coonoor 036..various flowers and trees line the  walk  way ..Coonoor 038- according to  ajish's dad .. this is not what  it used to be ..Coonoor 039

various flowers and trees line the  walk  way ..according to  ajish's dad .. this is not what  it used to be ..


Coonoor 043 large pondCoonoor 046 a varity of carp fishCoonoor 047-- they go  in to  massive turbulance  .. when we dropped some food in  for them

large pond,a varity of carp fish..they go  in to  massive turbulance  .. when we dropped some food in  for them...swarm of them


Coonoor 048 swarm of themCoonoor 055 feeding frenzyCoonoor 052 closer shotsCoonoor 056..  closer and calmer

Closer calmer  ......






Coonoor 051..nice beautifull  floor along the side of the pondCoonoor 057 colorful band of flowers

Coonoor 060


Flowers of various kinds and colors !!





Coonoor 058 this is interesting .. the female i  guess poses for my camera .. just as i  finished clicking .....Coonoor 059.... he comes in pushes her off and poses ..Coonoor 041- many  things we find when u  have a camera ...  coconut beetleMany  things we find when u  have a camera ...  coconut beetle, The Bird is interesting .. the female (i guess far right) poses for my camera Ist.. just as i  finished clicking ...... he( male middle pic) comes in pushes her off and poses ..!!!


Coonoor 061Coonoor 062- wow!!


Wow ..THe elepant tree ..it does look  like the  leg of a Elephant Coonoor 063After a couple of more shots ..me and Ajish  decided to go ..we were to  head to Kovai  and make it to Pondicherry from there via bus ! ..So we bif good bye to  our folks and moved on  .


Coonoor 066

Coonoor 065


Back at Coonoor town near the  bus station..and one of those signs or message hit me..this time on a bus  ....." and miles to go  before i REACH  KOVAI?????..."


We decide to have some food before we board the bus for 4 hr ride !..Pongal and Vada at Sri lakshmi

Coonoor 070-  this is  where we had lunch

Coonoor 072-- tick tick  tick ...Coonoor 069- Pongal  and Vada ..

and make sure that the call of Nature leaves us alone on the bus ride..(pic Right)...and while i wait for my turn  i did some walking about  taking pics...


Coonoor 068-  various  kinds of fruits that  i  ne

Coonoor 071- while i  waited for ajish ..  an over


still  waiting for ajish ..  an over looking shot of Coonoor junction..and .various  kinds of fruits that  i  never get in  at home


ON BOARD THE BUS : We board a Kovia direct bus .. and wait......

Coonoor 073-  we board a Kovia direct bus .. and w

Coonoor 074-  while  fruit vendors try to  sell us

Coonoor 075- packed plum and apricot

Coonoor 076- leaving Coonoor


After like about half an hour the bus starts to  move and we are headed for Kovai !!




Coonoor 077 rail way  bridgeCoonoor 078- among the  mountain  trailing down  hCoonoor 079 vast land scapes


Among the  mountain  trailing down  hill , vast mountains stretch across .




Coonoor 080

Coonoor 092-  eye to eye with  the horizon


Eye to eye with the Horizon 


Coonoor 081

Coonoor 083-- rock climbingCoonoor 084-  hair pin bendsCoonoor 085-  and further downCoonoor 093-  expansion workCoonoor 082- high moutain  passes







Coonoor 091- still trailing our way  down

Coonoor 088 - closer lookWith the bus taking down hill  we pass through many   mountain ranges and hair pin bends winding down ....there are still signs of road expansions along the way ..which is good the Tamil Nadu govnernment sure  does maintain these roads .Even the State Bus we were in had  A movie playing . facing both sides of the row of seats !!!


NEXT STOP KOVAI ...now for some shut eye!



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Coonoor 080
Coonoor 065
Coonoor 066
Coonoor 068-  various  kinds of fruits that  i  ne
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