Bobby Lama makes it to Malappuram 02

December 27, 2008 - Bobby Lama In Perintalmanna, India

02 bob 00302 bob 004Morning after break fast   we plan to head back to pond and take look at how the scene is like ,Yesterday the sun went out on  us so we really couldn't make out how the pond looked .


02 bob 00202 bob 001


BOB resting in his bed reading a car magazine ...after his prayers ......Bob takes a walk around my house .



02 bob 005

DSC09942DSC09936Ah  seems like we did a good job .. we have few more weeds to get out  . ok  so  get ready  we go and lets start clearing ...The was a small tree growing along the side of the wall that we pulled out , i swam in there with a big butcher knife and gave it a couple of wacks and bob really gave it a nice pull and twist it just came off !!!!


02 bob 006

02 bob 008


Far right pic , BOb hanging on to the tree half way  broken down ... next  he is swimming along the  side clearing the weeds !!! he smiles for the camera .


DSC09953The rest of the time once the  pond was clean to our satisfaction  the we spend swmming  around in the pond , all 3 of us .. my nephew bob and me . After which i had to go for Juma prayers ....

26th evening though we were to help me dad clear up his back yard ...we just took it easy and rested !.



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