Bobby Lama makes it to Malappuram 03

December 26, 2008 - Bobby Lama In Perintalmanna, India



Next day  morning we tooka car ride to Ponani to pick up my family I dont think Bob really enjoyed the ride as the traffic was hectic and off course my driving !!!!!



Feast at Ponani :


From Sharks to mackrel.. from appam to home made poratas ...and of course Garlic pickle !!!......all made out to be grand breakfast for bob and me at Ponani..


Later that  evening Bob helped my dad with his back yard ...

IMG_1871IMG_1874IMG_1880Copy of IMG_1868


Here is bob dressed in a native outfit . with  stick or broom  helping my dad clear up his backyard .... we all chipped in and no sooner we had a clean looking yard .





02 bob 001
02 bob 001
02 bob 002
02 bob 003
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