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Hi I'm Polly! I'm 22 and taking a gap year after graduating in English from Birmingham University. Along with horse-riding, surfing, music and writing, travel is something I just can't get enough of, and I could not be more excited about setting off on this amazing adventure! I'm hoping to be a magazine journalist, and so this blog is an opportunity for me to combine some travel writing with keeping everybody at home to date with my travels. My bag is packed, the wanderlust has well and truly set in; I can't wait to get going!

About my trip

With time and money limits, I have focussed my trip on places I have always wanted to go, and things I have always wanted to do. I will begin in Singapore, where I am lucky enough to have a big brother living. From there I will head to New Zealand, somewhere I have been desperate to visit ever since watching Lord of the Rings. I am visiting Auckland, Queenstown and Dunedin, and spending a week exploring the South Island from horseback on a riding and surfing trip - my idea of paradise. Next stop is Australia, where I will travel from Melbourne up to Cairns, the classic backpacking experience I have been planning for the last 5 years. Finally, Thailand, where another big brother lives and once I get to Bangkok, who knows?!

Visited countries

Cyprus, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Vatican City. (15 countries, 7%)

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