October 30, 2009 - Aswan, Egypt

 Currently sat beside the Nile as I write this in the lovely town of Aswan. What a contrast it is to Cairo here, so chilled and relaxed. Yesterday we arrived after travelling down from Cairo on the overnight train. Surprisingly it has to be the best overnight train that I have been on. Rach and I shared a two berth cabin, you got served food and it was really comfy. We arrived in Aswan abouty midday yesterday, the town is not too big and is set on the East coast of the Nile. The West bank of the Nile is the picturesque side facing the town, there's a huge sand dune and then small local villages. Yesterday afternoon we caught a boat across there and then had a camel ride to a local village where we had dinner. The food was really nice and the locals then entertained us with local dance and singing. Although it was a bit touristy it was very enjoyable. Today we travelled to Abu Simbel by the Sudanese border. The temple at Abu Simbel is very impressive, the  hieroglyphics inside the temple are incredible. The one pity about the temple is that it was moved when they flooded the Nile. Admitably that was an amazing piece of engineering but it does make it a bit like a museum. Tomorrow we're catching a felucca up the Nile to Luxor. We're having a great time so far and I have to say Egypt is definitely exceeding my expectations.

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