November 2, 2009 - Luxor, Egypt

 Unbelievably today is our last full day in Egypt before we fly to Jordan tomorrow evening. We arrived in Luxor yesterday lunchtime after travelling up the Nile from Aswan on a felucca from Luxor. Luxor is definitely the most touristy part of Egypt we've been to but the reason for that is that there is so much to see here. Yesterday we went to Karnak Temple, the ruins are impressive. It does take a bit of imagination to try to picture what it was like but considering it is 3 and half thousand years old it is in a very good state. Today we went to the Valley of the Kings, the paintings in the tombs are amazing and haven't been spoilt at all due to the fact they're underground. We've just got back from lunch with a local family and have now got a bit of time to kill before catching the train to Cairo this evening. We've both thoroughly enjoyed Egypt probably a lot more than we expected to. It's been very relaxing, everyone is very friendly, and apart from Luxor it's not been overloaded with tourists. Everything here is definitely worth seeing and we've been lucky to have a great group on our trip. We're now excited about the prospect of Jordan...



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June 9, 2010
The economy of Luxor, like that of many other Egyptian cities, is heavily dependent upon tourism. Large numbers of people also work in agriculture, particularly sugarcane. The city is notably poorer than Cairo and poverty is widespread in Luxor.

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