The Dead Sea

November 4, 2009 - Wadi Musa, Jordan

 Today was our first day in Jordan and we've loved every minute of it. Since my last entry we travelled on the overnight train from Luxor to Cairo. Yesterday, our last day in Egypt, we went to a couple of Mosque's in Cairo which were definitely worth visiting. We then said goodbye to our tour companions and caught a taxi to the airport. The tour group and tour leader were really nice and definitely helped our visit to Egypt exceed our expectations. I liked Aswan best, Rach loved Luxor, but I have to say it was all great. We arrived in Amman about 6.30pm last night. We didn't do a great deal yesterday evening but we were struck straight away by how developed Jordan is especially compared to Egypt. Today we went to visit the Christian town of Madapa, Mount Nebo where Moses saw the promised land, and then the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea and the surrounding scenery was awesome. The sandstone mountains are magical and a bit eerie, the sunset was stunning. We both loved floating in the Dead Sea too, it's so wierd you can't do anything but float. If you try to be vertical in the water your legs are just pushed back to the surface. We're now in Wadi Musa ready to visit Petra tomorrow.

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