Wadi Rum

November 8, 2009 - Aqabah, Jordan

 Wadi Rum provided another highlight on the holiday. It's very magical especially when the sun reflects off the sand and rock. It reminded us of Halong Bay, just replace the water with sand. It was so peaceful watching the sun set and the colours change. We camped for the night there and enjoyed Bedouin music and food. It was also nice for the first time this holiday not to be woken up by the 4.30am prayer call!

Since I last wrote Rach dragged me along to a Turkish Bath. The plan was to rest our weary limbs after hiking around Petra. However, I'm not sure how rested I was after having my skin rubbed off and my legs bent at angles I never knew they could go!

On Friday we spent the morning in Petra. We did a gorgeous hike that took us above and around the site which provided a fantastic view. It was also great to see the Treasury for one more time.

 We're now in Aqaba, on the Red Sea coast. We've got a night here before travelling back to Amman so that we can get our flight early Tuesday morning. I can't believe how quickly this holiday has gone. We've both thoroughly enjoyed it. Egypt definitely exceeded our expectations and I can't rave about Jordan enough. Petra is a well deserved New Wonder of the World, and Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea are well worth the visit.


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