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March 19, 2013 - Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

image_sci_forces029Have any of you ever used a tuning fork? What a simple and yet profoundly interesting little tool. You just "boing" that little thing on something hard and solid and you "feel" the intense vibrations of this little metal tool in your hand, but you only hear a barely audible "sound." But....but....just put the end of that vibrating fork on some resonant surface and viola! Instant rich resonate sound! The surface you've placed the vibrating fork on comes "alive" with sound. The vibrations of the fork, interact with the very structure of the resonate surface it's in contact with and now ITS vibrating in's feels the "vibes" and gets in sync with the fork and starts singing the pure note of the fork.

For an out of this world experience...LOL...leave it to me to do something weird...but you just gotta put that fork to your head sometime! LOL It'll turn your whole cranium into a vibrating soundboard masterpiece....pure ecstatic pulsing sound shooting through your mind in the key of G...or whatever key of tuning fork you're using! Chevy Chase would probably say that you'll be "whistling Dixie out of your *#%*ing nostrils... ;}}

OK...pulsing vibrations....resonance....waves and vibrations in the universe that are always there...just seekingradiowaves a surface to interact with so as to burst into being and sing! Think also about radio waves....hell, they're all around us...literally EVERYWHERE! They are pulsing through each of our bodies right now as you read these words...just like that tuning fork in our hand...but we can't "hear" them. But....tune that radio device to resonate with a certain frequency of vibration...and WE HAVE MUSIC! All right there...all just took a particular receptiveness to "hear" the vibrations...

tuning-forks-entrainmentI've always been fascinated with this whole idea when it comes to soul matters. Just wonder if other realities and souls are in our midst...all the time....and it's just a matter of differences of frequency of vibration. So theoretically if we could change the essential vibration of our being...that we could come in contact with other realities, other souls, spirits. It makes the whole idea of ghosts not so far well as some of the other supernatural types of things that obviously capture our collective imaginations. let me bring this thing around and back down to earth...and even closer to home....back down to my experience of driving on the road. Driving has assured me of ample amounts of solitude, alone time with my thoughts, time for inner reflection. This often cuts both ways....just think about how most of us get when we are "really" alone with ourselves! The overwhelming temptation is to fill up this time with something...anything! To simply sit in silence...without bringing something else in to distract us away from our bare selves takes perhaps more courage than anything I know. The driving has been a bit of a forced reflective space for me...leading me kicking and screaming down the path of solitude!'s been amazing to me how it's helped me to "tune" myself...and what all I've been discovering.


This is the wine that I want to share with's been maturing, fermenting, aging across the miles and months that the blog has been silent. But...some things just take time....and silence is a great catalyst for fermentation....


I'm a firm believer in serendipitous path crossings...that we cross the paths of certain others in life...where acrossing_paths mutual exchange is needed...we each need something, some experience, some lesson, something that if we're open...the "stranger" on the road becomes both a mentor and a student. If we have an attitude of expectancy that the universe provides opportunities for us like this...we set the table for these "I Thou" kinds of occurrences to happen (such as I spoke of in "Melissa from Cuthbert") Let's face it folks...there are so many things we don't know and understand about the way this whole universe works and about the great magical/mystical things that occur within it.

So if indeed things are going on outside of our awareness...such as waves and vibrations that can make music, that can touch our souls and give us new life....doesn't it just pique your curiosity to no end? It makes this whole world a treasure trove...which I believe that it is. I came about my fascination and belief in such mystical realities not by "hearing" about it from others, or reading a book...and then trying to fit it to my own experience. was a personal discovery over the years that I believe anyone finds for themselves if they walk for any amount of time on a path of solitude. It's like turning out all the lights and sitting in the dark long enough for our eyes to see something profoundly beautiful...such as the night sky with it's brilliant collection of sparkling gems...or like turning off all the noises around us, and being absolutely still...our hearing becomes acutely sensitized within the being able to detect the slightest nuance of sound...soft rustling leaves, our breath, the wind's music in the trees, and numerous unknown sounds just waiting to be experienced and embraced....

Somehow these moments change our vibration, and I believe alter our essential being to where we can be a sounding board for other resonances...other vibrations within our midst. this discussion doesn't float away into the nether lands...LOL....let me bring this back down to the earth and to my immediate experience. So back to my truck, to my life on the road, to my personal evolution, to the profound upheaval in my life over the past handful of years. Some of you know the personal details...some do not...but my profile gives a good overview. With open resonance....any reading especially of my poetry will give you insight enough....

In my journey recently I met a friend who turned me on to the poetry of David Whyte. Not so coincidental I believe...this friend has also been in therapy with a Jungian analyst. Talk about Synchronicity....this is exactly what I've been talking about above...path crossings that are meant to be. (Jungian psychology is rich with the things I've spoken of above. From The Art of Being Present - Experiencing the Divine in the Ordinary: "Synchronicity - the unexpected merging of two separate events that are emotionally and/or vibrationally connected with each other that come together in outer or inner reality. These events are brought about by vibrational affinity, not through one's own will. Synchronicity can relate to people who appear suddenly just after one has thought about them; the answer to a problem one is trying to solve coming into view through some external analogy that discloses the solution; sounds, sights, words, or phrases that one hears on the radio or elsewhere that correspond to one's inner process of reflection; meeting long unseen friends by 'chance', etc."

If Synchronicity has provided the stage for this blog entry....then Whyte's poetry, and James Taylor's lyrics and music have provided the dealing with personally coming to terms with shifting attachments, meanings, forging new attachments that are more in harmony with the current shape and essence of my heart and soul.

As I was driving down the road just the other day....I felt a lightness of I listened to James of my favorite artists of all time. Just as it became clear to me that I was in this profound moment of lightness, joy, and being alive...a deeply moving awareness that I was reuniting with an estranged part of myself James started singing....

parkway_bgIn my mind I'm gone to Carolina
Can't you see the sunshine?
Can't you just feel the moonshine?
And, ain't it just like a friend of mine
To hit me from behind?
Yes, I'm gone to Carolina in my mind

(And Synchronicity would have it....within miles I'd be crossing the state line back into North Carolina)

One of the things so far that has grabbed me about Whyte's poems and reflections about midlife is his emphasis, as many other soulful writers and poets, upon the centrality of letting go of so much peripheral "stuff" in our lives...that makes us exhausted and finding our way back to a more radical simplicity....where we focus more upon the things that truly make us happy, bring us joy...and these are profoundly and inherently "simple" things....such as the joy of experiencing the beauty of mother nature..beckoning another day....

Which leads me to another synchronous path crossing....I knew that a particular friend would resonate with Whyte...I sent her some of his midlife reflections...with permission I share our crossing with you:

Dear Rick,
Thank you very much for this gift! I just listened to an excerpt of [his] audiobook. I've had a challenging few days and was feeling a little down, so this thoughtful email cheered me up... Your email profoundly touched me in many ways.... more than I can describe in an email. I appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts AND feelings. I relate to everything you shared, both about Whyte's writings and your experience.

I was just sharing with a friend this morning that at times I label this journey as feeling "lonely" and yet the truth is that we are surrounded by other souls each traveling on their individual journey. We come into this world alone and exit alone, and being happy by myself and in quite meditation is something I've only very recently learned to enjoy.

As people connect with truth and vulnerability we can realize that in many ways we are all the same, each seeking love, acceptance, joy and peace.

Dear "Sunny" nice, so nice. Your experience of loneliness dear heart....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....very well put. Hell...this is one of the reasons most people don't "do" this!!! The honest journey to authenticity is indeed profoundly lonely. It beckons to the most alluring thing...and yet it's so hard to be with and to sit with at times. Images of something that is so profoundly compelling, but it's hard to look at...making us want to turn our heads....comes to mind. Here I just have always LOVED the word...."Numinous"...along with the metaphors of Moses encountering the burning bush....etc.

Interestingly enough...and just as you've put into words from your own experience....I've felt the most intriguing comfort and peace...and connectedness with all the soulful finally coming to peace within my own aloneness. There's a kind of paradox here....going to the heart of our aloneness....we find ultimate deep connection with the souls of the world...and the soul of the's quite beyond words.... You've touched me by the sharing of your resonance...thank you!

Dear Rick,
What a beautiful email..... Through you I learned a new word which aptly describes what I experience on my sunrise kayak rides on the bay. I did not know the meaning of numinous, so thank you! This is what I found on-line that resonated for me: "one feels inspired by such encounters extends the depth of feeling of the numinous and makes accessible a real sense of humane solidarity with ourselves and with our natural world" I like learning new things and having insights that are enriching. So I am "rich" today! Thank you for your part :)

In my past I listed to hours and hours of JT's music. Often would sing that song when driving back "home" to NC. Now after almost 30 years I'm very ready to return to the Chesapeake Bay, which is "home" for me since that is where I spent my childhood and teen years. Swam, fished, skated, sailed, water-skied, wrote poems and cried along the banks of the bay ...which provided solace when my teenage heart was broken or challenging experiences arose. Now I'm ready to return and allow the beauty of the bay and surrounding waters inspire me to write of the poignant life lessons I’ve learned from the “school of hard knocks” over the past 31 years.

So instead of delving into the tedious paperwork in prep for taxes as I was planning, I’ll first meditate in the sunshine for a short while. Sending sunshine your way.

Thanks so much Sunny for your open heart....and sharing your warm words with me, about your own soulful journey....

Whyte also describes I think about as well as any I've read...about how in order to be vital and alive...and to not suffer a deadening of the spirit (that can be a tragic risk of middle age and beyond)....that we need to settle more comfortably within an identity forged of discovery....versus one made of static values that seduce us into a deadening comfort. This resonated so clearly with a blog piece I've been trying to bring into creation regarding "Living on the Edge of Comfort." Somehow....if we actually achieve the "comfort" that calls to us as the "sine qua non" above all others in life...we lose something profoundly enlivening. Whyte calls for all of us to find our own edge of discovery....where we become more comfortable and accepting, embracing of the "unknown"....without the seducing comfort of hard and fast "identities"....such as work/career identities, and even the often static and deadening identity of "self knowledge"...which can often be more about keeping us away from the risk of discovery...rather than being some vital and empowering knowledge.

I've been bringing back music and singing into my life...and as I've done so...I've experienced the most surprising thing....I've been spontaneously moved to tears....over and over again. I've resisted the temptation to dismantle the experience and reduce it to something....and have tried to just stay with the larger experience and to let it teach me something. One of the things from this perspective that IS clear to the grief about how the lightness of spirit...and joyful simplicity of singing and playing the guitar (which I used to do as an expression of joy and creativity) has been lost over the past years of "producing" and surviving in the business world. The experience is saying to me...."this place has missed you....and you've missed it"....and to refind this place is like blood returning to a limb that has gone asleep....cut off from life....and yet as the blood momentarily stings...ouch, ouch, but life and vitality is indeed returning. I remember using this imagery so often with many of my clients in therapy...that as they are getting "better"...most of the times there's a profound stinging and grieving experience that goes along with the journey. I'm doing my best to remember this especially right now....

Sometimes we just have to step up "on the roof" and away from that which weighs our spirit down....
And brother James sings....

When this old world starts a getting me down
And people are just too much for me to face
I'm gonna climb way up to the top of the stairs
And all my cares just drift right into space

On the roof it's peaceful as can be
And there the world below, it don't bother me

lying-on-a-rooftop-under-the-starry-skyAnd at night the stars, they put on a show for free
And darlin' you can share it all with me
(Every time I here this line...tears flow....)

Right smack dab in the middle of town
I've found a paradise just about trouble proof
And if this old world starts a getting you down
Well there's room enough for two up on my roof

Up on the roof
Up on the roof
Up on the roof, ohh
Everything is alright
Everything is alright
Come on

I'm sorry, remorseful, beyond words my dear Brickle lady...that we weren't able to find our rooftop..... Night-Sky

While in a Synchronous flow....meditating on Whyte, singing brother James who welcomed me back to Carolina...I stop at my final destination for the day at a local truck stop. Tired, emotionally stretched, but very light...feeling connected and resonant....I step out of my truck. I'm immediately called to by a stranger in the parking lot. It was so surprising, that I didn't think he was calling to me...but he persisted. I motioned to him saying "you speaking to me?" He said yes and waved me over. I thought he was selling something. He identified himself and immediately gave me some validating information regarding his ministry to kids on the streets and the focus on stamping out violence.

Something spoke to me about this man...I trusted him quickly...though I was already prepared to walk the other way. He asked where I was from, and when I responded "Charlotte"...he reached out and gave me a big bear hug and said, "Me too brother!! I went to Garinger High...where did you go?" I responded, "Independence High." He laughed and said, "we're neighbors brother...we played you in football...." We then proceeded to discuss his ministry to kids on the streets. He turned out to be a well known and respected radio presence in the area...with a legitimate ministry...and was seeking contributions. Somehow he was able to connect with me quickly and to address my natural scepticism of such things. I wanted to make a modest contribution. I did.

He looked at me and said...."'ve got a good soul on you. I see it somehow. What did you do before you became a trucker?" I laughed and shared my story. He gave me another bear hug. He indicated something about how God brought us together this day. While comfortable with this God talk language from my former experience....this currently would turn me off a bit because it's so often spewed out glibly....withoutsojourners much meaning. Somehow his remark made mixed with my own language of Synchrony. I felt spoken to from beyond, almost as if to say..."trust the path you're on...keep on soulful traveler"...and I could tell he was having his own moment of Synchrony....within his own frame of language and experience...of "God touching him." We had a final warm embrace and parted ways. Such a warm encounter...thank you fellow sojorner...

I now walk into the truck stop to get something to eat....feeling as if I was almost in another world...another vibrational plane. I select a few items and approach the checkout. The cashier rings me up...and I happen to catch the expression on her face...a bit quizzical...she says, "hmmmm, owe me $4.36 and look at the's 4:36....hmmmmm, you must be in harmony with the universe today...."

I'm a lucky man....
yes, I'm a lucky man...
Twists of fate,
former comforts abate...
it's not too late...
to be a happy man...
oh yeah....
I'm a happy man...

Who'd 'ev known...
my soul numbing freeze
would yearn and turn
being brought to my knees?
...that my eyes would be opened
so I could see
by a lady from Riga
on the Baltic Sea?
...and that trucking o'er this land
once thought beneath me
would be the very thing
that would ultimately release me?

I'm a lucky man....
yes, I'm a lucky man...
Twists of fate,
former comforts abate...
it's not too late...
to be a happy man...
oh yeah....
I'm a happy man................................................
............................................................................... ............................................................................................

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March 19, 2013
I am Gorgeous...!
March 20, 2013
WOW! Is all I can think of to say. My husband is a fellow trucker in amongst his other work. He has often said he is happiest when he is behind the wheel and just as happy heading home. He likes to go to the west coast every now and then. Keep trucking, Rick. Find yourself and be at peace. Looking good as always! Stay safe.
March 22, 2013
Hey Rick - I have so much resonance with what you are experiencing. Discovery - yes. What courage means - yes. Synchronicity that sometimes blows my mind - yes. Aloneness - unavoidably. Meaning, connection, depth, mystery, awe; all these and more are in this "wine" that you share.
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