Let's go Viral!

April 16, 2012 - Effingham, Illinois, United States

OK....I'd like your help in making this blog interactive!  One of the sincere joys of my time on the road is thinking about what I'd like to write next, writing it, and hearing comments from all of you...some left on the blog, some sent to me backchannel.  It keeps me going...and I thank all of you for being with me on this reluctant journey.

But....I've decided this blog thing needs to be a bit more interactive.  So here's what I'd like to do, and I request that you help me make my blog "viral."  WTF does this mean?  LOL  :D   I apologize for my explanation to those who know, but i don't want to assume that all do.  Going viral means in this instance essentually broadening a readership base by "word of mouth."  My goal...is the fun and challenge of seeing if we can get subscribers to the blog in every state of the union. Why?  Hell, because it's boring out here!!  I need challenges! :D

All we need to do is pass along my intent and information about how to subscribe to any friends or family members that may especially appreciate a blog on traveling, with human interest stories, a bit of humor, and a bit of reflection.  They subscribe and let me know where they are from, then if they can...they then pass along to another friend...etc.  I keep a tally of this and post to a USA map with link from the blog (so we can all see how we're doing), and in the meantime we're collecting a gathering of folks that may be interested in sharing their own travel stories, as well as chiming in regarding the various reflections and stories I post from the road.  They need to know, that their email will not be shared, and that nothing else is required from them...they can participate, or choose not to, and can unsubscribe at any time.

To make this simple for you and others...below is something that you can simply copy and paste into an email of your own to a friend or family member:

Link: http://www.fuzzytravel.com/rblair/
After navigating to this page, simply enter your information to "subscribe" and you'll receive an email whenever there is a new journal posting (roughly once weekly).  You can unsubscribe at any time.

Yes, I'd like to help you reach your goal of a subscriber in every state!  (Please send a separate email to fluffpunk@hotmail.com with your city & state, and how you would like to be announced to the others on the blog...ex: Noname, first and last names, or first and last initials.  BTW, the funny email is the name of my two cats...)

Then...send this same info to any of your friends...especially in other states!  Thanks for helping me with my personal project!  I sincerely hope you'll take a bit of time to read some of the journal entries which focus on human interest stories, humorous moments, travel tidbits, and reflections from a reluctant & reflective trucker. (Read this journal entry http://www.fuzzytravel.com/rblair/28629-reflections-new.html for personal info about me and why I'm on the road)

You can leave remarks on any entry.  Occasionally I'll be sending requests to the whole blog subscription base for input and sharing of your own experiences or stories on various topics.  Thank you, and have safe and meaningful travels.

Rick Blair, Hiawassee, GA



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Diana and Jay Singer:
April 16, 2012
Great idea. Are you reading my travel blog? Diana
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