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April 22, 2012 - Staunton, Virginia, United States

"Sacre Brew" soon as it came to mind I knew this was it. This was the name I was looking for...for the series of human interest stories that I've been collecting from the road.

I was looking for a name that would combine several element of serendipitous encounter...a surprise happening of depth, along with an earthy element of in the trenches life...where sacred meets a bit of profane...where there are moments of genuine human encounter in places where you'd least expect it.

A bit of history....I grew up with my father often retorting..."Sacre Bleu" an expression of surprise, or of disappointment. I always thought of this as similar to "oh my god", or "holy cow", or "holy molely"...etc. Well, I echoed my father's expression in the presence of my French professor...who chided me....saying, "Rick, do you not know the meaning of that which you speak?" And I said, "it's just an expression of surprise or's what I heard my father say so many times...." He then enlightened me that the French phrase, "Sacre Bleu" literally meant "Sacred Blue"...which was an expression of profanity....on the lines of our English "Holy Shit"...or something of the sorts. I was a bit mortified.

So...we come to the present...where I'm a firm believer that we often meet profound truth where we least expect it. In the Christian tradition this is exemplified by the role of the "stranger" in our midst...who has something profound to share with us...only if we will listen. If we listen...there can be moments of serendipitous encounter...surprise enlightenment.

I take this seriously....and have been profoundly enriched by doing so. the of the things that makes my travels meaningful, and bearable, is the belief and awareness that if I'm open and available to the stranger in my midst...that he/she has something to teach me, and that I may have something of substance to offer them. If you look for these encounters....they happen.

But enter in Marten Luther....and his "Table Talk"...such rich openly human discourse where the sacred meets profane. It's a rich collection of stories in where he bridges the gap between the a very human way. "Let's get real" could be a subtext...let's get real about what has meaning in the everyday life that we all live.

So this is the spirit of "Sacre Brew"...moments of genuine depth encounter in the midst of everyday life in various "bars" in America....for some...this may be where you'd least expect it. It's all there...I've got numerous stories to share...and more to come. Why? Because it makes my life meaningful on the road. I need this depth and meaning. Otherwise I'm just driving down the road. I need the wisdom of the stranger....I need the communion of wisdom and depth that is there...if we just look, listen, and are open to hear.

Thanks for being a fellow journey person....Rick


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April 22, 2012
Dear Rick,
Most interesting my dear son!

Long live Sacre Brew...

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