A death observed in Iowa...

May 4, 2012 - Galesburg, Illinois, United States

One of those in the wrong place at the wrong time scenarios...when you're on the road 11 hours a day unfortunately there's a higher percentage of likelihood that you WILL be in the wrong place at the wrong time...sometime.

I don't have the details....but just a brief observation...seeing his dead body on the ground with whom I presume was his life partner hovering over him, in the grips of despair.  It was almost too much to see...and I turned away almost in a reflexive action.  I put my hand over my mouth....and said outloud probably a dozen times.....oh nooooooooooo, oh noooooooooooooooo, oh nooooooooooooooo.  I saw Edvard Munch's “The Scream,” in my mind's eye as I saw briefly her face standing over his dead body.

Spontaneous tears welled up...especially as I thought of her....an untimely death is one thing....but to have lost your loved one in a tragic accident is another....and to see her...standing over him with what could only be described as gut wrenching despair, deep anguish.....this scene will forever be etched in my mind.

Death is so hard to understand anyway....even in season....but an out of season death is just hard to get your mind around.  The survivors of such a loss are in the deepest agony of pain and despair....it's so so sad.

I've had my share of life experiences being exposed to death and mourning...but this experience showed me that it never really gets easier.  In my post graduate internship at the University of Louisville I had profound and humbling experiences of helping traumatized family members...mourning the out of season deaths of their loved ones...as they came to the Level One trauma center of U of L University Hospital.  Most of these were head injuries from motercycle accidents, and other car related accidents.  One particular one sticks in my mind...a young early 20s man who evidently fell to sleep driving...and standing with his family in the emergency room...standing over his dead body....you could see the imprint of his teeth gouged in his lips from the impact.  The family members huddled around his dead body, in deep anguish.  I cried with them....

I'll never forget this scene of death in Iowa...bless the darling souls involved.  His untimely death....and her desparately anguishing soul....I just wanted to embrace them.  She walked back and forth over his dead body....I wondered painfully....what is she feeling...what is she thinking.  I so wished that I could comfort her. 

My feelings were probably as strong with this scene as the others at U of L University Hospital.  However, this one was a bit different.  I almost cry right now as I see this darling momma red winged blackbird walk back and forth next to her partner...who apparently had just been hit by a passing car.  The untimely death is still real, her anguish is still real, and since I believe that all life is connected....I felt a profound sense of shared grief with her....I almost stopped the truck, but came to grips with myself and said, "what in the world can you do?"

Momma blackbird....we're all with you darling....we're so sorry you lost your partner, we're so sad along with you.  May your darling precious bird spirit be comforted by the universal life spirit around you, by your good bird friends, and by a new partner who can love you and help you with moving forward to fly again....



Diana and Jay Singer:
May 5, 2012
Oh, so sad, but good presentation of this sad story!
Danette Kong:
May 27, 2012
Hauntingly beautiful. Thank you for putting this into words and sharing it.
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