Sacre Brew...Connections in a Small World

May 20, 2012 - Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, United States

For an introduction to this series read: Sacre Brew, Introduction

I'm in Ohio...somewhere...and I've met the most charming couple...forget their names so I'll call them Jan & Don.  As it so this Sacre Brew encounter, there is also Jim & Steve (but I forget their names)....from home state.  It was an encounter of serendipitous fortune...finding connections, multiple connections...amongst multiple heart warming.

I was a bit weary from my drive....and I didn't know if I was even in the mood for meeting anyone new.  But I strolled in a local restaurant with bar and sat down.  Jan and Dave were off to my left, and Jim and Steve were around the bend further to my left. 

I simply observed Jan & Don as they related to another single female....that they obviously knew...and I admired their care and affection for her.  She got up to leave and Don embraced her warmly...there was obviously a nice connection here...and it was heartwarming to see.  I found myself wondering about this nice connection...and wondering about the people involved.

And now here was the moment...should I make contact, or simply remain silent and eat my dinner and go back to the truck?  Somehow the decision seemed simple....Jan looked over at me and I said something about it being a nice encounter...that they obviously had a connection with the lady who had just left.

This began a new of sharing our stories of where we well as the discovery that we had been down similar paths and that we were struggling with much of the same things.  As it turns out...Don was in the construction business....a successful business...that had been severely compromised by the recession.  But he was tuned in to energy saving building practices that are the heart and soul of my new business...ConservEnergy Diagnostics.  We did a bit of "shop talk" and it was so nice.

Around this time...Don started communicating with a man off to my right....and as it turns out....hell...Don was the contractor who built his home!!  Don embraced this man....and they started sharing stories of the profound experience of building this man's home.  This was beginning to feel like a VERY small town.

As I was enjoying watching Don & his builder reminisce....Jim called over to me...."hey....aren't you the the Millis driver I saw earlier doing your paperwork over at the terminal?  I was the guy with the bango"  Wow...yes he Was the guy...and I said to him "yes....I got my paperwork done and I was out of there...I didn't want to take part in the heated political discussion around the table!"  :D  We both laughed and I remember how he had appeared reticent to throw himself into the lion's den as well.  I remarked, "...but I saw you with your bango...and wondered about you and your playing...would have been a much more enjoyable experience!  I thought many times about bringing my guitar on the road with me..."

Jim just so happens to be from own home state...and we shared about our similar experiences of stretching to do something different in an economy that was not very kind to our primary business.  It's so so share these moments with find that you are indeed not alone, and it gives such a nice feeling of community to what can otherwise be an experience of alienation.  I'm almost always "re-surprised" by joy whenever I allow myself to share my personal story, my heart, and perhaps especially the part that I may think is the most unmentionable.  Sometimes there's this sparkle in the listener's eyes...that says something like...."thank you for bringing this up....I've so needed to talk about this myself...but was a bit afraid or embarrased to do so."  Whenever I see this sparkle...I know that a Sacre Brew experience is under way....

Jan caught my attention and said..."you need to call us the next time you're in town....we'd like to have you over for dinner...I can't imagine what it's like eating out or in your truck all the time!  You need some good home cooked meals."  I felt such a profound sense of warmth and loving feelings with this invitation...I was among friends in just a short period of time...I felt such felt as if I was sitting around my family's dinner table...I was right at home.  I said to her that I would be delighted to do so, and thanked her for such a warm invitation.

About this time Jim and Steve started to leave....and we exchanged contact info...he's looking to build a log just so happens that I could assist him with this! (That's one of my OTHER jobs...when I'm not trucking! LOL) :D  But at this moment I was grateful for the natural and spontaneous opportunity that more of service, than of selling.  We each wished each other safe travels....

The lasting impression of this's so incredible to see and experience the wonderful connections that are available to us....if we so avail ourselves.  As I got up to leave Jan and I embraced as if we were old friends...and Don and I did the comfortable guy thing and shook hands...LOL, but very warmly. 

Thank you Jan & Don...and Jim & Steve...I so value our having encountered each other, sharing moments of our journey with each other, and I wish all of you the very very best!  I look forward to seeing you again my new friends....




Diana and Jay Singer:
May 23, 2012
How very nice. The world is full of nice people as we have also been finding in our travels.
Priscilla Richardson:
May 26, 2012
Enjoyed this story very much!
Sylvia Bradley Gladden:
May 27, 2012
Reading your thoughts as you processed your feelings of loneliness was very powerful, as you opened your soul, I felt that I was somehow invading your private thoughts. I now feel that I am on this journey with you, I will be reading your entries regularly and will be praying for safe travels. Be well my friend, God speed!
May 27, 2012
Sylvia...dear, dear wonderful to hear from were always such a genuine dear friend to me. Thank you so much for your kind and warm words...I'll cherish knowing you are with me along this journey...and look forward to more connection with you. Blessings....Rick
May 27, 2012
I have enjoyed reading your blog. I read the whole thing yesterday...very intriguing. I found comfort in the reading as I walk my own journey in life which was not as I would have intended. Life throws things at us that are unexpected.
May 28, 2012
Kate, your experience is exactly what I'm hoping to do with my blog...that my experience can speak to help reduce the aloneness of each of our collective journies. Glad you've joined me Kate...
May 29, 2012
Good to read and know you are well.
Wish you the best as you travel.
May 30, 2012
What the hell Bro??!! YOU driving a big rig! I must have missed something.

Will write more soon. Tired and have paper work to get done.

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