Sabbatical over...

March 3, 2013 - Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Well, I think it's about time to return from my unplanned, unannounced sabbatical.  First up....I'm fine...I'm well, and I'd like to thank all of you who have pursued me with your concerns about my wellbeing in light of the blog going silent. 

It's actually been quite an interesting and even "moving" thing....that there are those of you who actually "read" this blog, and have missed the usual postings.  I'm not resorting to false modesty here...I've always loved writing and have gotten positive feedback all the way back from Jr. High school when my teacher  liked my short story so much that she read it to the entire class.  This was a time in my life when I was painfully self-conscious...both an age appropriate thing, as well as a unique part of my own I squirmed a good bit while my teacher read my story to the class...

It has been such a warm thing...for me to hear from so many of you....either in your comments here, or personal emails.  It's helped me in this part of my journey more than you know....and I sincerly thank all of you!  Some of you have even gotten a bit provocative...LOL....telling me things such as that I am "falsely advertising" having auto email notices sent out to announce new entries....but NO entries!!  LOL  BTW, when I told this person I was getting ready to post again...they said "great! My nagging worked!"  I reassured this person that nagging absolutely had nothing to do with it, and that I did NOT want to reinforce this...upon which they indicated that they were "crushed."  LOL

Why the blackout period?  Well, it's more complicated than simple writer's block...which is a very complex thing in and of itself.  Actually, for me, the timing of my sabattical is related to my switching from "over the road" to "regional."  Over the road schedule was 14 days out, 3 days at home....whereas regional allowed me to be home every wkend.  My blog during the grueling over the road schedule was a bit of a security and comfort connection with my support extended family of caring others.  It was also timed with my growing adjustment of the different lifestyle...and settling into the profound changes of such a new venture.  When I said to a friend and reader of this blog....that the blog functioned as a "transitional object" for me, in essence a security blanket during a stressful time....they said..."well, you need to find another reason for writing it now that you don't need a security blanket!"  These were wise words....thank you dear friend....

I'm now at a place where I believe I do indeed have different reasons...and the image that comes to that of a harvest.  The vineyard that has been growing and maturing over the past months has now been harvested...and it's been curing and fermenting...and it's just about time to pop the cork and share it with you.  These things take time....

Thanks again for being a caring friend...I look forward to sipping on this fine wine with you...and hope that the sharing may resonate with something essentual in your own journey...

Look for a new posting within the week.....
Warmly, Rick





Kate Martin:
March 3, 2013
Looking forward to the new posting!
March 4, 2013
Great post! Welcome back Thanks for sharing.
March 4, 2013
You have inspired me. I just started my blog. :)
March 5, 2013
I'll pop the cork when you are ready son...
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