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My career training was in Pastoral Psychotherapy...with a practice in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I genuinely loved my work...and the opportunities of journeying with others in such emotional depth. You should see in many of my entries that these depth encounters don't have to be limited to the therapy room...thankfully. It's what continues to give my life meaning...and the focus of this blog is just this...looking for chance encounters of real human encounter....sometimes in the most unlikely of places. The title of this series of entries is "Sacre Brew." You can read an introduction here: http://www.fuzzytravel.com/rblair/29527-sacre-brew.html

My wife and I moved to our vacation home in N. Georgia hoping for a life of greater peace and simplicity, which required stretching out of the comfort zone of our careers and creating a new way to produce income. We started our own business as distributors for a national log home company.

We did well during the first years here...with national awards and financial success...then the crash. It hit us hard. I started an offshoot of our business in energy consulting, certification, and infrared photography (ConservEnergy Diagnostics), about 4 years ago. It's well positioned to do well in the upcoming months and years...though we were still bleeding cash. I had to do something different...way different...to keep afloat.

After much reflection and research...I chose over the road trucking. It pays well in this market, it has benefits (something that I've never had before), it's steady and reliable...something sorely needed.

If you want to know more about me and the process of choosing this venture....read: http://www.fuzzytravel.com/rblair/28629-reflections-new.html

Welcome to my blog....I sincerely enjoy, and am encouraged and supported by your following along and your comments both on and off the blog. Thank You.

About my trip

I'm in ongoing evolution...and some periods are much more comfortable than others...LOL. This is a profoundly different chapter of my life, thus the blog to help me cope, reflect, and to give meaning to my experience. Thanks for your interest, glad to have you along.

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