Train from Hanoi to Hue

May 9, 2013 - Hue, Vietnam

I feel this experience deserves its own blog entry.

We arrived from the tour back to the cafe we booked it with. Some of the members of our group gave some "feedback" about the trip and we all scored a free round of drinks as a result. The others left to continue their journeys and we stayed for a quick bite to eat before our train, which was also given to us free of charge - win! Again, thanks Ali!

We'd decided to take an overnight sleeper train for the 14 hour ride to Hue and were quite excited abiout this mini adventure. We arrived at the station and felt slighlt overwhelmed by the layout. You have to walk over the tracks to get to a new platform and signage is minimal. This is where I  made my first back packing mistake. I kept the tickets out in my hand whilst we wandered around and a local snatched them from me. Luckily(ish), he only wanted to show us to our cabin, but he then insisted on a tip. Damn! I was kicking myself.

We got to the cabin and began to stress out a bit. It was a four bed cabin but the three of us seemed to be sharing the four beds with a Vietnamese family. So we had a mild freak out, then decided it was ridiculous and found a guard to complain. Panic over, the guard translated that only one of the family was travelling and the other two buggered off quickly. Phew.

So we settled down and started to watch a film and relax. Then we saw something large dash across the floor and Rach and I freaked out again. I said it was probably a lizard and we decided to go with this, reasoning that a lizard would kill all the mozzies and stop us getting eaten to death.

However, this thing kept crawling around and we finally turned on the light to see it was a mouse! We freaked out again and this time we did almost scream like girls. Captain Jules to the rescue! The mouse ran back inside it's hole under the Vientamese lady's bed (who was looking at us bemused the whole time) and Jules finally found a use for the gaffa tape he brought with him. Woohoo!

All things considered, we had a pretty decent night's sleep and have just now arrived in Hue. I even got a bit bolshy with the swarms of taxi drivers all crowding around trying to rip off the white people. I'd decided I'd had enough of being taken for a mug and shouted "back off!". Go me! And we ended up bagging a bargain taxi ride.

Jules has managed to bag a suite with it's own computer (which I'm using now) and we've got a pool. Hue looks leafy and lovely so we're off out to explore. Might even get a tan here too as the sun is finally shining!

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May 10, 2013
See... Always worth giving feedback!! You're welcome!
May 17, 2013
This has got to be my fave blog post so far rhi!! Sounds scary/exciting. Miss you xxxx
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