May 14, 2013 - Hue, Vietnam

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We had two days in Hue, which is a lovely town with more of a backpacker scene than the other places we'd visited so far.

Hue has it's own food specialities and we went for lunch as soon as we arrived. Rach and Jules dived straight in, ordering a Hue banquet each. There was so much food: raw fish in banana leaf, shrimp soup, spring rolls, Hue pancakes etc.

I've been suffering a bit with mosquito bites (I had a fight with a horse fly too. Seeing as I drew blood I'd say the horse fly won...) so I went on a mission to buy some loose trousers. Yes I know it's the backpacker uniform but they have come in so handy! Anyway, I found a rather fetching Aztec print pair but they were too long. No problem, I told the lady I'd leave it and genuinely went to walk away. She thought I was playing some expert haggling game and lowered the price and told me to come back in 15 minutes after she'd altered them for free! Result!

That night we had dinner in a French restaurant. There's a big French influence here and lots of patisseries and bakeries so we thought we'd check out the French scene properly. The food and wine were top class, and we had a cocktail in a coconut. We moved on from this sophisticated place to a backpacker bar, had a sickly sweet free shot on arrival and made the most of happy hour!

The hotel in Hue was ridiculously amazing. Definitely flash packing not back packing. It had it's own pool and sun loungers and was just ace. We were so impressed we gave it 100% on hostel bookers!

After a lounge around the pool on day two, we visited the Imperial citadel, inhabited by the emporer in the 1800s. I'll be honest, it took us a while to find the gates and we ended up paying for some crap, tiny park by mistake on the way. So we were glad to reach the much more impressive imperial gates and we walked miles around the city past the palace. Really impressive!

that was all we had time for in Hue. Next stop- Hoi An!



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