Hoi An

May 14, 2013 - Hoi An, Vietnam

We travelled to Hoi An by private car - get us! You can live like a king on virtually no money here. The car took us the more scenic route through the mountain pass, a brief stop at a beach and to an impressive viewpoint.

Hoi An is known for its tailors they line every street. You can easily get a suit specially made for you for around £70.

This place is also famous for its food and the law which insists all houses and businesses hang a lantern outside the premises at nightfall. When the sun goes down this little town is so beautiful! Definitely my favourite place so far.

We had a banging lunch in a really smart cafe, a couple of gin and tonics and insisted the waiter book the exact same table for us four hours later for dinner. We had the best curry of our lives, served in a coconut which they set on fire. This sounds like a gimmick but it really made the dish. So yum. We asked for the recipe but were turned down. Gutted.

we realised that the restaurant was owned by a famous Vietnamese chef (Ms Vy) who has four other restaurants in Hoi An and 2 famous cookery books. We googled her and found out she is the "poster girl for modern Vietnamese food" and runs cookery courses in Vietnam. We signed up straight away and found ourselves in the restaurant across the road at 8am the next morning ready to go.

The lesson began with a tour of the market and the guide took us through all the fruit and herbs asking us to taste and smell each. The market was amazing, smelly, noisy and busy and everything we wanted it to be. Although I didn't enjoy flip flopping through raw fish juice.

After the market we sat down in pairs in our classroom with a hob each and made shrimp soup with shrimp parcels, shrimp and pork crispy pancakes (a bit like an omelette) and marinated barbecued chicken with mango salad. It was such a top day, right up my street! And Jules sweet talked the teacher into phoning the other restaurant and getting that recipe for us after all. Amazing!

The next we day we mooched about until catching an overnight sleeper train to the next stop- Nha Trang. Beach town! Party town! And hopefully no mice this time!

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Donna Alexander:
May 17, 2013
Hi Rhian what was the name of the restaurant?

I think that Hoi An was my favourite city in Vietnam
May 20, 2013
Hi Donna! Are you back home now? We booked the cookery course through Morning Glory but we ate at the restaurant over the road which was called Cargo. They're owned by the same woman though. Best food we had in Vietnam hands down. We loved Hoi An too! Nha Trang was lovely as well but we didn't like Ho Chi Minh at all.
How was Singapore? Did you get the cocktail? And did
Dave make it to work after the flight?
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