Snorkelling and banging bruschetta on the beach

May 16, 2013 - Nha Trang, Vietnam

Today we spent the whole day snorkelling at various locations. We booked this boat trip for yesterday but got a bit carried away with happy hour in one bar and ladies night in another the night before, so groggily stumbled to reception at 8am to beg them to change it. Rachel claimed sunburn and each member of the hostel staff asked us "how is your health? I hear Rachel is sick? And Julian is sick?" all day. We are bad people.

Anyway, after a false start we got an early night and set off this morning. The coral isn't in great condition and there aren't a great deal of fish either. The Vietnamese aren't great at sustainable tourism and it's sad to see that all the boats are old and running on petrol, spewing out black fumes and just generally spoiling the place. It was the same at Ha Long bay, so if you fancy visiting Vietnam go very soon! That aside we had a top day, saw some colourful fish and sea cucumbers and i got a patch of unfortunate sunburn on my bum from floating on top of the water. Woops.

This afternoon we went to our favourite place -the sailing club- and had some banging bruschetta. Back at the hostel now and I'm craving Indian food so off to satisfy that soon.

Last day in Nha Trang tomorrow :( Sleeper train to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) in the evening.


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