Flashpacking and annoying Simon

June 14, 2013

I've had a very sociable few days in Noosa and Hervey Bay. It seems the further north I get, the more

Travellers there are, and the more chatty and fun they are.
Noosa is fabulous. It's full of rich people and glamorous bars and cafes. My first day there was really hot so I sunned myself on the beach and read my book in a cafe. Bliss. I stayed at flashpackers hostel an it was swish. We had hairdryers ad straighteners in the bathroom! And two pillows!
Eumundi is a small town not far from Noosa and they have a famous market every Wednesday and Saturday. I'd heard good things so was really looking forward to going.  I  nearly had a heart attack when the bus driver asked for $14 dollars for a twenty minute journey. And then I was really gutted when it started throwing it down and the market was rubbish. Oh well. You don't know if you don't go.
From Noosa I wanted to go straight to Airlie beach for a whitsunday sailing trip. The journey is 17 hours though, so I've stopped off at Hervey bay for a night. The hostel owner was telling me that in 4 weeks time, the whales will come from the North and rest in Hervey bay where the water is calm for a few weeks before moving on again. Apparently there will be loads chilling out here and I'd love to see it one day. I did see a whale from a distance on my last day in byron- it was really impressive.
I've spent the day on the beach tanning myself and looking out to Fraser island- the biggest sand island in the world.
I couldn't finish this post without telling you about annoying Simon. Just as an homage to Lou and Rach's story about Freaky Maria. I got to Hervey bay late last night and went straight to bed without meeting any of my dormies. I rolled out of bed half asleep this morning, just in time to claim the free breakfast, and was greeted in the kitchen by annoying Simon. He latched onto me, literally following me around the kitchen like a puppy dog whilst I made breakfast and bored me to tears with tales about how awesome he was and what the new play station would look like.  Do I look like a play station person? He then showed me a million photos on his iphone of what the new iphone will look like, and the stand he worked behind in the supermarket (From three different angles). Anyway he talked at me for ages and all I wanted was to eat my rice crispies in peace. Then he asked me if I wanted to spend the day with him until my bus came (12 hours later!). I politely declined, and just when I thought I'd shaken him off he followed me into my dorm saying "oh cool we're in the same room!" arrrgghh!! Thank god for 10am checkout.

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Louise Greener:
June 14, 2013
Could he blink? Because if not he might be a relative of Freaky Maria..........
June 21, 2013
And if he's not a relative of Freaky Maria he should be set up with her... x
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