Long live Queenie

August 9, 2013 - Queenstown, New Zealand

I stayed a whole week in Queenstown because it was awesome and I didn't want to ever leave. Ever.
The night we arrived was a big one, as we went on the bar crawl the bus had arranged for us. The town is taken over by Australian skiers and snow boarders at the moment, who come out on the beer after a long day on the slopes (and often don't make it up again the next day). So everyone is in holiday mode and it's just really, really cool.  We kept bumping into the same people on nights out and everyone is so friendly you could easily turn up to a bar by yourself and be best buds with everyone before long.
Actually, now seems like a good time to mention Thomos. On one of the nights out, we all got a bit merry and stopped off in a little shop on the way to the club. God knows how but I got chatting to the guy behind the till and found out he was from North Wales. I called over Hâf and introduced her and said I was called Rhian and we were all from North Wales! Oh and wasn't this exciting! (I was quite wtipsy). When I asked his name he told me he was called Thomos, then later admitted "oh it's Thomas really but I felt left out. You guys have proper Welsh names and I didn't want to disappoint you".  He actually knocked 3 dollars off what I bought for being "a fellow welshie" and a great source of entertainment I'm sure. Top top bloke.
On the second night a group of us went over to Fergburger to cure our hangovers. Fergburger is the tiniest shop with the biggest reputation imaginable. It's crazy. Everyone you meet when you travel who's already been to New Zealand will tell you about Fergburger. There's just the one shop in Queenstown and it is such an effort to go there because the queue is always down the street, and when you finally get to the front and place your order they always say it's at least a 35 minute wait. It takes a huge chunk out of your day no matter what time you go, and there are only 3 tables so you have to pounce on one and all squish uncomfortably around it,  with the people who are queuing pushed up against you. But everyone still goes and loves it, I guess it's all part of the charm. Anyway, I only cooked for myself once in Queenie. The rest of the time it was Fergburgers and Ferg pies. Fattie.
On the Friday morning, I was due to be getting up and on a bus for 7:30am to go to Milford Sound for the day. I'm sure you know what's coming at this point. I went out the night before and had a bit too much fun. At 7:15, I was still sat on the bathroom floor, almost in tears, moaning to Sanjay, "I don't wanna go I don't wanna go. Waaa waaa waaa". I don't know what I was expecting him to do all the way from London... I somehow managed to phone the company and rearrange it at no extra cost, and I even got Mhairi out of bed in time for the trip. She had rolled into the dorm only 3 hours before like me, but she's Scottish and made of stronger stuff so she just got on with it. What a hero.
When I did actually go to Milford Sound, I'm sorry to say I was really disappointed. It's really a fiord rather than a sound, and the scenery is supposed to be spectacular. Rach has raved about it ever since she went and I'd been really looking forward to going. The weather was just too crappy though; we could barely see our hands in front of our faces let alone the sound itself and I honestly feel like I haven't even been. Oh well, it's just an excuse to return to New Zealand in the summertime.
Another highlight of Queenie was the ice bar. There are two in Queenstown and I think everyone on my bus went to one at some point. You get bundled up in a big fluffy coat but you're only allowed to stay in for 30 minutes because the temperature inside is minus 6.5. To be honest, after holding a glass made of ice for 30 minutes we were definitely ready to leave.  We went straight from there to a cosy pub with a fireplace and had a brandy to thaw out.
By the time my birthday rolled round most of my bessies from the bus had already moved on, so I decided it would be really cool to spend the day skiing. I bought four hours worth of lessons and spent the day in Cardrona (the best ski resort in the Queenstown area) Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me...
I really enjoyed it, though I'll be the first to admit that I was pretty rubbish. Navigating the ski lift was the scariest part of the day and I can't even remember how many times I fell over. But, it was damn good fun and I reckon if I went for a week and kept practising I wouldn't be so bad. So there's still hope. In the evening I got a ferg burger with my dormies, obv, and went out with my remaining friends from the kiwi bus. Oh and i also had a litre of beer in a bar called "Cowboys" whilst Cara did a special rendition in S Club 7 on the karaoke "Rhian for the stars. Happy birthday Rhian!!" She even got reprimanded by the karaoke nazi for changing the words of the song. Hero.


Dawn Greener:
August 9, 2013
Oh Rhi, you do make me chuckle. Xxx
Dawn Greener:
August 9, 2013
PS See you a week on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!xxx
Lesley Davies:
August 17, 2013
Just catching up on your blogs. Sounds like great fun Rhian. Mrs G is on her way so have fun ladies and Ian!!
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