A mouthful of sand

August 17, 2013 - Cape Reinga, New Zealand

After leaving Queenstown, I flew up to Auckland to begin my tour of the North Island. I started with a three day trip to the Bay of Islands which included a day trip to Cape Reinga which is the very northern tip of New Zealand. The cape was beautiful and is deemed a very spiritual place by the Maori people. They believe that whenever someone dies in New Zealand, their spirit comes to Cape Reinga before departing. It's also the point where two seas merge: the Tasmanian and the Pacific. You can actually see the two separate colours mixing together which is pretty cool.

The other highlight of this trip, besides the fish and chips we had on the way home, was the sand boarding. Oh my word it was so scary. The driver told us a we pulled
up to the sand dune that you can average 50 mph coming down the hill. 50!! Walking up the hill was no mean feat in itself, then you position yourself with your chest on a body board and push yourself down an almost vertical hill. The guy said "make sure you keep your mouth closed". I screamed the entire way down. Bleurgh. It was so exhilarating though. And I'm surprised I did after seeing the first few go. I really have toughened up since leaving the UK.
After Paihia, it was time to head back down to Auckland for the night before taking off for Hot Water beach. Woohoo! Hot Water Beach has a geothermal spring under the sand. So you pick up a spade and dig yourself a hole and let it fill with boiling hot water an create yourself
a spa pool. It's amazing but pretty hard to get right. You want the sea to meet the hole and keep the water cool, but you don't want it to flood. We mostly found ourselves burning our toes, but it's so cool to see the steam rising from the sand.

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