The end of the line

October 10, 2012 - Helsinki, Finland

Yes, I know we said we were signing off we are killing time inHelsinki airport back where we came from after a day of traveling from Y pres in Belgium.

This is just a short one........because you need to know how close we came to not being on our scheduled flights today!

We were told last night that there was a train from Ypres to Lille (change at Courtrop ) aat 8.30 am.  So we set off to walk to the station (half ran as it was a lot further then we thought) and got there barely in time.  We bought our tickets and one minute later the train pulled in and we climbed aboard assured that we would get to Lille in  time to get our very fast train to Charles de Gaulle airport......for which we had booked seats.

Imagine our surprise when ten minutes into our trip, the train pulled into a station, name starting with P, and just stayed there.  Finally we poked our noses outside the empty train and asked the train driver who was chatting to the conductor on the platform, when we would get to Lille.  We were then informed that tis was the end of the line!  When we asked if we could get a taxi......he told us that this was "the end of the world" with a lot of shrugging of the shoulders and rolling eyes!

The conductor was a bit more helpful and said that the train would be going back to Courtrop in 45 minutes and that we could get a taxi from there.   So one hour later we arrived back in Ypres where e had started from.  Time was by this time running short!  We reached C at about 10.20 am.....our train left Lille at 11.30 and we still had to find a taxi to take us.  We stood for ages outside the railway station taxis.  Finally Roe went inside, explained our predicament to the English speaking lady in the news agent, who kindly phoned a taxi firm and by the time R got back outside, the taxi was there.  30 minutes later we were at Lille railway station with about 15 minutes to spare!

The joys of traveling!!!

Flight from Paris to Helsinki was uneventful......we have just had our first G and T...and will have a bit of food....and spin out the haul is the long one!

Much love to al

Wendy and Roe


Tracey Puckeridge:
October 11, 2012
Nothing like a last spark of adventure to get the blood running!

October 12, 2012
Wonderful to see you this morning at the airport (with a darling French waiter at our table!) looking so fresh from your travels, and not to mention 8 hours sleep in Business Class! Quite a change from the 'narrow squeak' (that expression must come from my adolescent reading of 'Fourth Form at St Malory's', etc. in England!)of supposed Courtrop train! See you a week on Monday, enjoy the wedding, Love, Joanna x
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