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September 6, 2012 - Hong Kong Island, China

I am writing this in the Traveller's Lounge at Hong Kong Airport - after walking halfway back to Sydney trying to find it in this amazing airport.  I have just had a shower and am heading for a G and T!! Theq flight was great - seat 80 A was fabulous - window seat but with no seat in front of me so double the legroom.  Nobody in the two seats beside me - the A380 had plenty of spare seats - a bit of a worry for Qantas I would think.   However it was a very peaceful flight and I managed to watch an couple of movies

Thanks so much for all the kind send-off messages, cards etc.  I think you all realize just what a big deal this is for me to do without Stuart but all the warm wishes mean a lot to me and I will carry them with me.  Special thanks to the Rousehouse which hosted a Parisian themed dinner party last night - magnifique food and bonhomie!

All for now.....need to go and get some stop Helsinki!!!

Lots of love



Lalage Craig:
September 6, 2012
I am so glad the seat was so good and the first leg of your journey went smoothly other than trying to find the lounge! It is an amazing airport!
i hope the next leg goes as well and you meet up safely with Wendy and John.
Lots of love, Lalage
September 7, 2012
Dear Roe,

Wasn't it a lovely evening! And great that you are on your way. We were thinking of you a great deal yesterday, and saying 'Now she'll be getting on the plane; now she'll be on HK, etc.!
Of course it is a big deal to do it without Stuart; however, you have done lots of things in your life without him when he was on the earth, and now he'll be watching over you. Have a lovely time in Tallinn - hungry for news,


Rein and Joanna xx PS did the cushion work?
September 7, 2012
By the way, I have organised to go to Triple Care at 12 on Monday October 15th, so should be with you about 2.30 or 3. If you have your diary with you, can you put in please? lots of love, xxxx Joanna
Tracey Puckeridge:
September 7, 2012
Well aren't you the jet setter - la di da, shower in Hong Kong and a G&T. way to go Roe!! Sitting here with Kelley about to have an Exec meeting if the boys ever get here - I'll send her your blog link as she wants to stalk you!

Happy Helsinki! xxxx
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