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April 14, 2010 - Sydney, Australia

Well I am sorry to those of you that have been looking for me to write in another update. There really hasn't been too much to report about lately. My camera screen is officially dead, but I'm still attempting to take pictures without seeing what I'm looking at (Note- Never get a Nikon Coolpix camera. A girl I know here said the same thing happened to her so clearly it's the camera and not my camera stupidity.). Anyway, we are currently in the 2nd week of our 2 week spring break, and I've pretty much just been hanging out around Sydney and the surrounding area. There's no shortage of things to do here that's for sure.

Before spring break we (our AIFS group) took a guided bus trip up to the Blue Mountains, which are the range of mountains to the west of the city. We actually got to stop and see the place where they had the 2000 Olympics. They developed it into a whole park/recreation area and had some pretty nice stadiums that they obviously still put to use. It makes me wonder when I see a city that could still reap the benefits from having an Olympics after nearly a decade, considering we were shut out of having that opportunity last fall. If only that spaceship known as Soldier Field had a roof...no one has any vision in our city. After seeing that we went to yet another wildlife park (hopefully the last time I'll be in one of those). When we finally got to the Blue Mountains I wasn't prepared for how breath-taking the views would be. It reminded me of being back at the Grand Canyon and Sedona again. From there we took an hour long hike down the side of a mountain, with my feet halfway on the stairs they had in place. I can't believe no one fell. There was an amazing waterfall and some more awesome views to see along the way. When we got to the end of the trail we ended up taking a tram ride back to the top. It was a long but fun day in the Blue Mountains. Just as a side note, our tour guide was absolutely clueless. People had to literally scream at him to turn down his microphone on the bus, and some of the facts he gave were either not true or just completely ridiculous. Or both. That was one thing I didn't understand.

The last week before break was a headache as I again had a paper due that I had not even started yet. At least I think I did a good job. It was nice to know we had a long break looming after. Since it started I have been going to the beaches (Bondi and Manly beaches) as well as downtown Sydney. Plenty of people left for the break and it seemed like a ghost town around here for a few days. It was nice to get an Easter basket in the mail with some of my favorite candy that was gone pretty quickly (thanks again to whoever did that, it's nice to know that I'm not completely forgotten yet). A few of us played cards and drank wine for our Easter celebration...not quite the good dinner that I'm used to. But I wasn't about to cry or anything contrary to whatever anyone wanted to think.

I have been holding out hope that I will get a chance to go on a biking trip up the coast at some point soon. But it may involve me buying a $100 bike and having to assemble it myself which could be a disaster. Then again there's a pretty good laundry list of dumb purchase decisions I've made in my life. Hopefully it will work out eventually, maybe on a later weekend or something. I really want to see some of the coastal towns while I'm here. And maybe some of the outback (which could be a really bad decision if I try that on bike).

Well that's it for now I hope everyone had a great Easter and spring break. The weather looks like it's been better there than here. Why is it never that warm when I'm there? Ok I'll write again sometime soon. Until then, as they say here, CHEERS!!!



Sports notes:

-The Bulls don't deserve to be in the playoffs even if they get there.

-Go Blackhawks in the playoffs.

-The Sox lost some close ones but should pick things up soon.

-And that Tiger Woods commercial is just creepy.    


ANZ Stadium (Olympic Park)
Sydney Olympic Park
Olympic Memorial (Outside ANZ Stadium)
Cassowary (Wlidlife Park)


Pam McRaith:
April 14, 2010
Hi Ryan,
It's so good to hear from you! Sounds like you're having a great time! Enjoy your time there you're not missing anything back here.

Aunt Pam & Uncle Tim
April 17, 2010
Don't buy a bike, rent one!! Ask around and see where you can rent one, ok? Be careful if you do and remember YOU have to look out for cars because they WON'T be looking out for you!! Miss you tons!!
XO, Mom
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