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March 10, 2009 - Windhoek, Namibia

 Note: I wrote the section below a while ago....

I’m writing this post from Jeffrey’s Bay, or J-Bay as it’s also known. Apparently the waves are pretty small for this time of year but they’re actually quite big! James has finally managed to have several consistent days of good waves after our string of bad luck on the Wild Coast.

After our last post we carried on to Coffee Bay about 600 km South. The drive was interesting, very rural landscape dotted with rondavels and livestock. Navigation was easy so I switched to the role of livestock and pothole watcher, quite challenging in the fog and mist! The cows and goats are not phased by cars at all, no wonder they tell you not to drive at night.

We arrived in Coffee Bay in one piece, the Corrolla only a little worse for wear (at that point) and checked out the camping situation but opted to stay in a rondavel. The break wasn’t up too much at that point so we kept fingers crossed for the next day. That night was the hostel next door’s birthday party and we joined them for most of it even if it wasn’t the most romantic Valentine’s Day activity. Unfortunately the next day it rained, proper BC rain, all day. We explored rock pools until we were soaked and then headed indoors. The rain made for very brown water again so there was no surfing either. The following day the weather improved but I’d managed to get sick and the waves still weren’t up. We bumped into a surfer that raved about Mdumbi, a place further down the coast that sounded a little more relaxed and our speed. One thing we’ve learned the hard way here is that many South African hostels are all about partying. Most of them have bars that go quite late almost every single night and though we like a good party, we’re old codgers that like to enjoy the day too.

The road to Mdumbi was quite the challenge. It was deceivingly smooth gravel road at first and then just as we were mere kilometres away it turned into a gong show. Worse than the Bamfield road but we had less than half the clearance of the 4 runner. Luckily the car still works. The underside’s not looking quite as nice anymore though!


We're now in Windhoek, Namibia. We've dropped off the backpacker circuit so we have to seek out internet to post, hence the lack of them.

Mdumbi turned out to be worth the drive, it was beautiful. Unfortunately the water was still too murky to surf when we were there and then when it was clear, there was no waves. We enjoyed the hiking and exploring though. After Umdumbi we went to Chintsa, also on the Wild Coast and spent only one, relatively sleepless, night. James did manage to catch some waves though and the area was beautiful. We got stopped for speeding though and ended up having to pay what appeared to be a rather unofficial fine!

We're off to the desert today so in brief, to catch up here is what we've been up to in point form:

-Jeffrey's Bay - beach walking, wave searching and surfing

-Tsikamma (sp) Park - hiking

-Wilderness (that's really what the town's called) - canoeing, hiking, swimming

-Victoria Bay - surfing

-Kleinbaai - great white shark diving - saw many both above and below the surface!

-Kommetje/Cape Town - surfing, hiking, exploring

-Elands Bay - hiking and surfing

We've hit some amazing national parks, seen lots of cool animals and met some really nice people. South Africans are really helpful and friendly and we've been given some excellent advice and seen places we might have otherwise missed.

We're off to Sessriem today to hit the Namib desert. As always we've brough the rain with us and it turns out that Namibia is experiencing unprecedented rains. Not surprising given our luck with rain in the desert in the past, hopefully the flowers will be good!

Hope everyone is well!


March 11, 2009
awesome, Sarah, so glad to hear that you and James are having an experience over there. I love seeing these and always look fwd to seeing the next one. Looking fwd to having you two back in NA so I get to see some of the pics, but not too soon. Enjoy, get some sun, no more rain, and enjoy the surf :)
March 29, 2009
j-bay? pffffffffffsshhhhhhh. chickens was 3 foot yesterday. it snowed. jealous?
May 1, 2009
me romania what sarah james cartoon network
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