One down, 2 to go

January 7, 2009 - London, United Kingdom

 Well, we made it to Vancouver and are currently enjoy the luxuries of the lounge at the Vancouver airport.  My third grant has been more or less submitted and almost all work emails have been sent. 

We're only half way packed but will regroup in England and try to reduce our luggage weight!  As always we were a flurry of frantic activity right up to our departure.  Here's hoping we didn't forget anything major!



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January 15, 2009
Sarah!! good luck on your Kili trip - remember pole -pole.
You saved my ass today...I forgot my tea this morning and the tea from the lab had been cleaned away by Jerod for Jane's I was close to killing someone and then I thought...mmmm Sarah's Canadian, she likes tea, there's bound to be some on her desk...sure enough , 2 minutes later with minimal pilfering I had a tea bag in hand and was brewing a lovely cuppa. (In your kettle). So cheers, m'dear you helped me out, I knew I could trust you :)
have fun and be safe!! Hi to James!
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