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January 25, 2009 - Arusha, Tanzania

Just a quickie from Arusha before we head off to Mafia Island.  Safari this past week was incredible - saw the 'big 5' and then some.  Serengeti was unreal.  Camping in unfenced areas was pretty cool too as animals came into the camp and you could hear the lions.  We kept having to remind ourselves that we weren't in a zoo!  Hope to post more details on the safari soon......maybe :)

Tonight we head to Dar Es Salaam and then off to the island for diving for the next few days.  We're looking forward to staying in one spot for a change!

Thanks for the comments, keep'em coming, if I know people are reading I'm more likely to post!  Hope everyone's well!

PS - Rob, yes that was for you!



January 25, 2009
Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh my!
Congrats on your summit and please continue to travel safe.

Love Steph
January 25, 2009
Sweet, those nights are always a bit unnerving but so worth it when you wake up in the morning, have fun on the islands and the rest of the trip.
P.S. looking fwd to those pics

cheers, Hilgris
January 26, 2009
well here in Maui there's only wild locals... surf is "flat" which means that it's head high... having fun - glad you are too. See you for recollections in a couple months.
January 27, 2009
Sarah! I knew you could do it - bah who needs training?!? It's bringing back all the great memories... like the night we were on that last leg, waiting for our midight call to do the final ascent and I could actually feel my pulse pounding in my lips!!!Its crazy what altitude can do. But nice work, I'm proud of you both. How amazing that your mom will be looking over Africa too, that is such a cool thing to do.
Glad you survived the wild animals in the camp ground - how did that peeing in a funnel go? Romantic?
keep the stories coming, it brightens up our dull cold days :)
be safe -love Ruth
Ma & Pa:
January 28, 2009
Hi James
Happy Birthday for the 29th
so glad you and Sarah are having such a wonderfull adventure in Africa - stay safe and keep happy..
enjoy yourselves.
love Ma % Pa xxxxx
rob davey:
January 29, 2009
if you want me to keep it clean, please refrain from using words like 'quickie.' you are testing my will to restraint. it would also be wise to avoid words like spelunking, testy, trans-continental, petulant, lordosis, bottom, hump and aardvark.
happy trails ...
February 3, 2009
Belated birthday wishes James. How exciting, you will always remember this one.Mountaineers,hunters, divers,what next? Keep well, and enjoy, enjoy, this is what life is all about!
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