October 31, 2014 - Bantayan, Philippines

Been on Bantayan island for 9 days now. Finding it hard to leave. Perfect white sand, empty beaches. Clear_ warm water. Beer at one pound per litre. Food cheap. Decent room at 7 pound a night. Cold shower of course.

Enjoyed travelling with my daughter, Eleanor. We were together in Thailand for a week. She is 21 and was overwhelmed by Bangkok, and rightyly so. She is currently travelling on her own in SE Asia. Big respect to her. Travelling alone is hard, and at 21 and for the first time in asia demands respect. Her travel blog is at

Bangkok though, compared to Manila,  is like Stamford on market day! Check out the hobbit house.

One pound for a litre bottleof 6.9% is good. But here for the same price you can buy a decent bottle of rum!

BantayanBantayanDogshit toothpaste




Dogshit toothpaste
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